Mar 2, 2008

broken mirror

i messed up...i fucked up...

my life has been a mess lately...i have drowned myself with work, work, and lots of it that i forgot to give myself a break. i though i would be happy with it, i thought i can balance everything, i thought it was okay.

now i'm paying. i lost myself in the process and now i regret because as what loida said in her friendster comment, "what is left are fragments of who we are". sad but true...what is left are the broken pieces of the mirror that i once looked at everyday. the mirror where i used to see the reflection of a happy and upbeat me. now, only broken pieces of that mirror are left.

but i am picking up the pieces and i am trying to put it together. i will put it together even if i know it won't be the same again.

i know that it won't be long 'til i find what i lost --- i will find myself again.