Mar 5, 2008


i'm going home this friday night.

i still choose home even if the annual students recognition will be held on the same night as my scheduled trip. i need a break, coming home and seeking for my parents' comfort will keep me sane. i've been dying out here, i need my parents...i need my mom, my dad --- who just visited last monday; i need them.

i feel like i'm regressing to the helpless, poor child i once was. it's like going back to the time when i needed my parents for everything, for my survival. my parents are my strength

going home keeps me sane. it helps me put the puzzle together, it helps me find my lost self.

in weeks time i will be graduating, hopefully i can. i still lack requirements and i am scheduled for a rr. i lack many many cases and i hope that i would get it when i serve my rr. i'm praying that i'd be done before the 27th.

help me pray.