Mar 2, 2008

sa ngayon

what i want for now...

i want to rest. go to a place where i could unwind and do nothing, think about nothing but myself, my family and my friends. for once i don't want to think about extra-curricular responsibilities --- the things that preoccupy and literally took my life. i want to have that vacation i've always wanted.

i want to fall in love with the right one. i want to feel being taken cared of because i am tired of taking care and looking after other people. i have realized that i don't live for the happiness of others. i have realized that i also deserve to be happy. i want to feel needed, to feel important.

i don't want to cover for people. it's tiring and at the end of the day i start asking myself if what i did was right. i can be strong for other people, i can conceal their mistakes for a while until they are okay, until they can stand up and fight for their own but i can't do it forever. ako lang napapagod, and nalalagay sa stress and sometimes sa alanganin.