Jun 8, 2008

turning point?

i've always wanted to be a doctor. i want to save lives, i want to help people; i don't really care if it would take me more years of studying --- i want to be one.

yes, being a nurse may sound like being a doctor --- you get to hold the chart, you get to take care of the sick; it may sound a little bit alike, but it's really different. way different. although i'm a nurse, i'm really not into the white uniform nurses wear, i still envy wearing the white coat.

but sadly, things seem not what i expect them to be. i guess this is god's plan for me. maybe med school can wait. what i'm going through right now is quite a sacrifice --- giving up my dream/s to help my extended family. it's not as easy as i think it would be; i really want to help my cousins, the thing is i need to give up what i want to help them.

if it's for me, then it's for me... it just makes me sad...