Jul 31, 2008

waah!!! breaking dawn spoiler

now, now, i went a little berserk upon reading ew.com's articles about stephenies meyer's upcoming breaking dawn. before you flip and break into a celebration dance, please consider reading the articles to the very last word. also remember to stay calm.

i hope you clap at every jolly word the way i did --- the 20-year-old-teenager-wannabe. here you go:

Stephenie Meyer's 'Breaking Dawn': Exclusive Preview
By Karen Valby

With the understanding that this spoiler will send the blogosphere into either a tizzy of celebration or outrage, EW.com hereby reveals a major plot point from Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final installment to her Twilight series. And no, the forthcoming information is not from a fever dream or a filched copy of the book found in the dusty stock room of a Barnes & Noble. This exclusive spoiler comes straight from Meyer herself, with her explicit go-ahead to share with her fans.

Team Jacob, you staged a valiant effort, urging Bella to choose her faithful, strangely muscular friend instead of her sexy, hairless vampire. But Meyer, clapping her hands and bobbing on her toes, reveals that she had the great fun of writing Bella and Edward's wedding scene. ''And it's not a dream sequence!'' Meyer promises with a laugh. ''It's the actual wedding between Edward and Bella. The wedding! I'm a girly girl so it's something I've been waiting for too.'' Before anyone throws their computer out their bedroom window, screaming that the surprise of the summer has now been ruined for them, Meyer promises that the wedding takes place early on in Breaking Dawn. Trust that unexpected thrills still await.

While we're on a roll, here's another surprise for you: Meyer says she wrote Bella and Edward's wedding scene years ago, initially planning for the young couple to tie the knot shortly after the end of Twilight. Her editor at the time balked that those crazy kids were too young to walk down the aisle, and Meyer, who herself was married and already raising her first son by the age of 23, shelved their eternal bond for a later date.

For those heartbroken that their heroine apparently picks Edward over Jacob, take comfort in the simple fact that Breaking Dawn exists. Meyer says she fought long and hard before her publisher agreed to a fourth book in the series. Little, Brown for Young Readers originally paid the author $750,000 for a three-book deal. Before Twilight had even hit the shelves, Meyer realized there was no way she could wrap up the characters' storylines in three books. But her publisher was nervous about shelling out another chunk of change for an unproven author. ''My books weren't out yet,'' she says. ''Nobody cared about me. I was just this little author they were taking a chance on.'' Eventually, Meyer prevailed, selling the fourth book for $400,000. Lucky Little, Brown. Breaking Dawn is expected to go down as the biggest book of the summer. Everybody wins. Even Team Jacob.

Hi, EW.com readers,

I'm so excited about the August 2 release of Breaking Dawn — I can't wait to finally be able to discuss everything that happens! No more secrets! To help whet your appetite, Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive sneak peak of the first chapter of Breaking Dawn. The entire first chapter is available in the Eclipse Special Edition, out tomorrow, which will also reveal the cover of Breaking Dawn and have Team Edward and Team Jacob iron-on decals. Here it is, I hope you enjoy!

Stephenie Meyer


NO ONE IS STARING AT YOU, I promised myself. No one is staring at you. No one is staring at you.

But, because I couldn't lie convincingly even to myself, I had to check.

As I sat waiting for one of the three traffic lights in town to turn green, I peeked to the right — in her minivan, Mrs. Weber had turned her whole torso in my direction. Her eyes bored into mine, and I flinched back, wondering why she didn't drop her gaze or look ashamed. It was still considered rude to stare at people, wasn't it? Didn't that apply to me anymore?

Then I remembered that these windows were so darkly tinted that she probably had no idea if it was even me in here, let alone that I'd caught her looking. I tried to take some comfort in the fact that she wasn't really staring at me, just the car.

My car. Sigh.

I glanced to the left and groaned. Two pedestrians were frozen on the sidewalk, missing their chance to cross as they stared. Behind them, Mr. Marshall was gawking through the plate glass window of his little souvenir shop. At least he didn't have his nose pressed up against the glass. Yet.

The light turned green and, in my hurry to escape, I stomped on the gas pedal without thinking — the normal way I would have punched it to get my ancient Chevy truck moving.

Engine snarling like a hunting panther, the car jolted forward so fast that my body slammed into the black leather seat and my stomach flattened against my spine.

''Arg!'' I gasped as I fumbled for the brake. Keeping my head, I merely tapped the pedal. The car lurched to an absolute standstill anyway.

I couldn't bear to look around at the reaction. If there had been any doubt as to who was driving this car before, it was gone now. With the toe of my shoe, I gently nudged the gas pedal down one half millimeter, and the car shot forward again.

I managed to reach my goal, the gas station. If I hadn't been running on vapors, I wouldn't have come into town at all. I was going without a lot of things these days, like Pop-Tarts and shoelaces, to avoid spending time in public.

Moving as if I were in a race, I got the hatch open, the cap off, the card scanned, and the nozzle in the tank within seconds. Of course, there was nothing I could do to make the numbers on the gauge pick up the pace. They ticked by sluggishly, almost as if they were doing it just to annoy me.

It wasn't bright out — a typically drizzly day in Forks, Washington — but I still felt like a spotlight was trained on me, drawing attention to the delicate ring on my left hand. At times like this, sensing the eyes on my back, it felt as if the ring were pulsing like a neon sign: Look at me, look at me.

It was stupid to be so self-conscious, and I knew that. Besides my dad and mom, did it really matter what people were saying about my engagement? About my new car? About my mysterious acceptance into an Ivy League college? About the shiny black credit card that felt red-hot in my back pocket right now?

''Yeah, who cares what they think,'' I muttered under my breath.

(c) 2008 by Stephenie Meyer, reprinted with permission from the Eclipse Special Edition published by Little, Brown and Company.

Jul 29, 2008

twilight the movie

here are selected movie clips, trailers from the upcoming twilight movie that i have compiled thanks to youtube. enjoy as you ogle...

Jul 28, 2008

sundays at tiffany's

sundays at tiffany's by james patterson is the book i just finished reading after stephenie meyer's the host.

when jane and michael decided to hit nantucket, there's something jane said to herself:

"chicken jane again. fantasy is better than reality."

i think we can all attest to what she said. let's be true to ourselves and admit that sometimes, most of the time, people'd rather wallow in a fantasy world than face reality. and i think this is because the real world gives us all the good reasons to cry and be in pain.

at the near end of the story, jane said something about the subject of miracles. i'd like to share what she said:

"just beacuse life is hard, and always ends in a bad way, doesn't mean that all stories have to, even if that's what they tell us in school and in the new york times book review. in fact, it's a good thing that stories are as different as we are, one from another."

in as much as reality gives us all the reasons to be in pain, it also gives us all more than enough reasons to be and stay happy. and for our stories to end as happily as we want it to be, we have to make it happen. my best friend once told me, "destiny is only for losers --- it's just a lame excuse for letting things happen to you instead of making them happen."

Jul 27, 2008


two words. bum again. can someone please tell me what exactly am i going to do with my life at the moment? i want to do something productive, something aside from reading, writing and very often visits to the bookstore. maybe i'll figure that one out soon.

things are finally slowly falling into place lately. me passing the board exam, finding all the books i want to purchase, viewing every twilight movie clip i can find in youtube, making plans for my future as i am already licensed to practice my profession. i have worries though. one, and the very least of my worries, the sloppy report i had this afternoon. and two, the 4th of august, the release of breaking dawn.

i've already signed for reservation along with 250 people that day. and that's what's worrying me. the numbers. i'm the 249th. 250 and counting is for me, far far to much a complication --- chaos. it's not that i'd rather be the lone fan. it is good to know that i'm not the only one running a little obsessed. so much so, a relief that there are millions of us loving twilight saga, stephenie meyer, the movie as well as the actors/actresses playing the roles. it's a first come, first serve basis and because of the numbers, the likelihood that i may not get the book on the said date is scaring me.

already i'm planning for the strategy i might and most likely will use, silly as i may sound. here's the sitch. since it's a monday --- a school day, work day for the working fans --- the bookstore may not be as full and chaotic as i envisioned it to be. however, i'm not playing my chances on this one. i'll be up there on the very hour the store opens. i will grab the book sans using the reservation, if it's the only way i can secure my copy the soonest possible time. you know, even with the reservation, sometimes you can't get your copy as early as the day of release. reservation is not a guarantee. as i've said, i've been running a little obsessed. clearly the plan gives you the idea of my definition of "little" obsessed. i'm not one of those rabid annoying teenage fans though. i'm a little mature for that of course.

other plans. i'm considering going abroad to work, given the chances and opportunities i have found, may find. i'm going to travel, on my own, while i'm young. of course i'll work here for some time. but i figured, not here, not just the place i see myself in the long run. i am also taking into account getting a second degree. college again, there, not here. a degree in enlgish literature. that doesn't sound so bad, not a bad idea. i still want to be a doctor, it's just that it's pretty impossible for me to attend med school. to be a good writer is next in line. hence to enroll in english lit would do just the exact job, for me, since it involves books and oodles of writing. sounds fun. i'm smiling at the thought already.

by the way, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend JEM LAWRENCE!!! i love you. god bless.

Jul 25, 2008

i passed the board exam!!!

my name. right there.


special congratulations to:

jem gabutin, ralph "elle" balcita, marco "coi" maglinte, alfie "ping" obispo
neil dela cruz, dean cuenca, sabina rafales, jhona bulanon, mark "shadow" manubag
melvin balid, charles flores, nicole acriche, gian sinda, kaiser tan, debbie fuentes
jane romanos, carlson bangcat, ed alburo, irene cedano, sherry serdoncillo, sheika daffon
sherwin echavez,
nelson udtujan, jr, reymar sinangote, matt gallego, kirby calleja, ate wil juntilla
mariel paquibot, aisa zwara sitjar, christian "ness-ness" navales, leonard campoto
liz villamor, jk cinco, marz duhaylungsod, kuya charles lim, jr, gayle otic, mark amoroto, irish ornopia

and to all june 08 nle passers ... nurses ... congratulations!!!
we did it!!!

God be glorified...

Jul 23, 2008


i have managed to let today pass as less sullen as i can. i had lunch with jem, a relief. i spent my afternoon in the library, scanning books and photocopying what i need to get my report kicking as i start tonight. i have also managed to read my new book, the host, by my favorite author, stephenie meyer.

yet as the sunset started to creep signaling the day's close, a little bit of sun-downing washed me leaving more room for the gloom. not that i have depression --- don't get me wrong. i thought maybe i'm more absurd or melodramatic --- either --- that i have given myself credit for.

in my 20 years of existence, i have read books of great and timeless love stories. the stories of romeo and juliet, of elizabeth bennet and fitzwilliam darcy, of catherine and heathcliff. and of course, my favorite modern pair, edward cullen and bella swan. i am always left in awe every time i finish rereading their stories from my shabby collection of books.

i am such in awe that most of the time i absurdly forget love's reality. i am not blaming the books, for crying out loud. it's just that my incandescence mixed with utopia leaves me in a haze, blocking my eyes from seeing that although a girl can have a whirlwind romance like that of the great lovers in fiction, not every girl can. i believe this side of my self-debate is made clear.

the 'fantasy' of getting me a whirlwind love stoy is poignant. as creepy as it sounds, this 'fantasy' has made me a little disappointed. but, i am awakened to reality, which is all the more pleasant. i am sheepishly accepting the fact that i have allowed this daydreaming of mine wash away the beautiful day that could have been today, and yes, a few days this week.

this is the morale of the story. timeless, prieless love stories should only serve as an inspiration, so much so that we can dream, but not to the point of deluding ourselves. although i am not accustomed to writing about my love life, as i find it hokey, i realized that there's that and a very important me i need to take care of. my delusions almost led me to break what i built because the daydreaming side of me threw a hissy fit that my story should be like ms. bennet's. downright unfair. i got so hooked with my daydream that i forgot that real-life love stories need to be worked on. it is healthy to fantasize and dream, only make sure that it doesn't become the reason of fights just because you don't get what you want as what your fantasy dictated. it is absolutely and incredulously unjust to have your self trapped in your own little bubble of fantasies and dreams.

tonight, i did nothing but search for video scenes of how the twilight movie is going, as expected, thanks to the internet i am triumphant. the twilight saga by stephenie meyer is on its steps on becoming a major motion picture. i am enthralled to see it materialize as i have been running a little obsessed since i read the first book of the saga. this is something i thank my sister for. it was her who introduced me to twilight's existence. and since then, lo and behold, the voracious reader comes again to life.

Jul 19, 2008


i am a known oc (obsessive compulsive), someone with a type a personality. i have accepted that fact back when i was still in high school. there are downsides of my being an oc that somehow, sometimes become an advantage.

when i am hooked to something, i stop only when i become slightly ashamed of what i am doing to myself. a good example is when i am reading a book. i don't drop the book until i realize that i have to eat because i haven't eaten the whole day, when i have class the next morning and i badly need to be prepared for the day and when i have exams to study for because i need to keep up with my grades. that may be the down side. the good side is when there are projects i need to make --- i don't stop until i'm done, hence i get things done in no time. when i have work to do, every detail of what i'm doing i'm obsessed about. i feel the need for it to be perfect, hence as much as possible i avoid cramming. but when i do cram, i still see to it that i get to every detail though not as thorough.

so much for that, here are the handful of things i'm obsessed about:

books. i'm a bookworm, a voracious reader, that's why i pay a visit to the bookstore at least once a week. i finish reading books in no time. when i have nothing to do, i can finish a book as thin as a paulo coelho in a day, as thick as a stephenie meyer in two days. you can imagine me as someone throwing tantrums, badly wanting the vacant job in a bookstore just so she can be the first one to have a copy of the new releases, a soon-to-be best seller, a potential nobel prize winner --- something like that. or better, a bookshelf that grew arms, legs and a face.

movies. especially the ones that go "from the best selling book ..." blah blah in whatever proper manner you say that. this is for one reason i have yet to figure out, but i have two theories. one is my love for books, and second is the curiosity i get on how film makers interpret the grandiosity pictured (especially if the book revolves around a magical world, mythical creatures, and the like) and how the actors/actresses potray the detailed description of every character in the book. i love criticizing how the movie turns out, seeing people rush to the bookshop to grab their own copy of the original --- a thought i think is quite stupid, i mean, why wait for the movie when you can get all the thrill from the book right? then again, not all are inclined to books that they don't know a must-read exists until they see the motion picture.

writing. i've always wanted to be a good writer, that's reason enough. i hope i'm improving, and i still look forward to improving.

adventures. the ones where i leave the place i know and go to a destination i don't. an impromptu decision to go somewhere unknown --- last minute decisions plus the adrenaline rush.

that's about it.

oh, and one more thing, i don't have ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder) in case you are about to think i have.

Jul 15, 2008


truth be told, when it comes to food you can't have just one favorite. i love good food and who doesn't?

one of the reasons why i love living in cebu is the cheap uberly mouthwatering selection of food. yes! at a hundred pesos you can have a full stomach, and when i say full it's really full. here are my top ten only-in-cebu favorites in random order:

1.) siomai at tisa, labangon.

2.) chicken with herbs and spices and chicken with chilli and garlic at vibes. undeniably delicious; located at the back of cocomall, just in front of cdu (old building) gym gate.

3.) barbecue at larsian's. yummy!

4.) chicharon at chilen's. chilen's is at pacaƱa, labangon however chicharon packs are sold at leading grocery stores.

5.) warm brownie cup at la marea's. la marea is now open at the walk, it park (new branch).

6.) mexican food at mooon cafe. located at guadalupe and now open at the walk.

7.) baby back ribs and death by chocolate at casa verde. suuuuper!

8.) fried kangkong at jo's chicken inato.

9.) crispy pata and bicol express at the golden cowrie. grabe, i can't get enough of these two dishes. the golden cowrie has banches at sm and ayala; by the way, unlimited rice sila kaya very sulit!

10.) fried bread and green mango shake at the grand majestic. the grand majestic is located at cebu grand convention center; the majestic has branches at sm and ayala. this is my dad's favorite chinese resto in town.

so there you have it! you might want to check out my top ten during your foodtripping in cebu.

i may have tasted several dishes of the same kind but according to my taste buds, nothing beats how cebu does it. and to satisfy your eyes, i will post pics very soon --- punta kayo dito and prove me right yourselves, hehehe.

Jul 14, 2008

dream on...

i was, am, and will be dreaming of becoming a doctor. but dreams only take you so far because you will not get anywhere if you do not have: (1) the money for it, and (2) the circumstance to do it aka "the right moment". sad but true. for those who are reading my previous posts, you will know why i am not in the right circumstance to go to med school. and obviously we don't have the money for it at the moment because after my siblings finish college my sister will proceed to law and my brother will proceed to med school. 'di rin pwede kasi if everyone in the family will proceed, no one will be left to help my cousins. and since i am the eldest, i am deemed and by no choice i will carry that obligation. that is why whenever i see med students and interns, i can't help but cry; whenever i think of this dream tears fall down, which explains why as i am writing this umiiyak ako.
i never thought a real-life teleserye scene would happen before my very
eyes. but look at me now, i am experiencing my share of a real-life teleserye scene.

thank you dr. house and scrubs team for making me dream and for making
me drift into a world where i am a doctor.

Jul 12, 2008

frustrated MD

my sister had fever and dysphagia so i brought her to the emergency room of sacred heart hospital, she was diagnosed with tonsilitis.

upon entering the er, i saw med interns and for the love of god my heart ached (again) and my eyes watery. i really want to become a doctor. i can't deny the fact that i'm hurting. sad.

wala nah...wala na talaga...i think i'm gonna cry.

text message

last night while eating dinner with my mom, i received a text message from my room mate during the in-house review. the text message said that gma has approved the request of the bon to release the results of the june '08 nle on august 24 (the original scheduled date of release is on july 20) to prevent the reapplication of 69.8% failed takers. it also stated that there are two people from the same school who got the first place topnotch slot, or something like that. i showed the message to my mom and we laughed. then, she told me that i need not believe it because it isn't true.

i found the text message stupid and that i can nail in two points: (1) does gma have to approve the date upon which the nle results will be released? as far as i know, gma has no authority and has nothing to do with the release of the nle results; and (2) why would they prevent the reapplication of failed takers? there is no law stating that failed takers are prevented from retaking the next board exam within the same year, what is their reason of preventing such action? (hhhmmmm, cloudy). then again, if this is really true, they (bon) would've scheduled an emergency meeting with adpcn regarding the situation at hand and my mom would know earlier before the stupid text message was circulated.

july 20 is only a few days from now, godspeed june 08 nle takers!

whatever the result is, may god be praised!

mom and her students

last night, my mom invited me to the place where she and her students are staying while having their exposure at the psychiatric ward here in cebu. it was their last night so they decided to have a small gathering --- food, mini program, etc. above you can see my mom and some of her students. she was so involved with the program especially when they decided to have karaoke; i think she got all her students to sing. but i didn't stay long, i went to her room because i decided to take a rest as i have been killing brain cells whole afternoon when i made my thesis chapter one first draft. and ayayayyy i never knew mom had cutie students hehehehe, my bestfriend texted me saying, "well...go for it". i just can't come up to them and flirt with my mom watching my back right? hehehe. besides, i wasn't in the mood to be extra friendly as i've said, i've been killing brain cells. they will be leaving today, happy trip!
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Jul 11, 2008

done and done

snapshots of selected pages from my thesis chapter one first draft aka skeleton. i am so proud of myself, what an achievement! i am sooo happy. masaya maging masaya. proposal hearing on the first week of august, can't wait. fingers crossed still.
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kawawa mode

i am currently looking for someone to help me with lay-outing my blog. as much as possible i want it to look personalized, gusto ko pag may tumingin sa lay-out pa lang sabihin na nya, "it's her! this is icon", hehehehe cheesy. i am trying to contact my friend gabby, who is really good at creating things with html and other computer thingees. this is my nth blog and i intend that this will be the last howevever, i haven't moved my posts from other blogs i own because i forgot the passwords --- kawawa naman ako. so what i did i placed my other blogs to my links, i think it'll be good.

i will be killing brain cells this afternoon as i will make my thesis chapter one skeleton. please pray that i will finish it and i will make good since it's due this sunday. this skeleton i will make out of cramming, not really good but then i can make bawi when it will be returned and i will polish, probably change it. masters i slowly killing my brain cells (aawww kawawa naman), i hate it for now. two more trisemesters to go and i'm done! yeheyyy!!! --- i'm thinking of graduation for motivation, i need it right now. then after that, hello phD! --- another motivation, keeps me sane.

Jul 10, 2008


things are different when you go out to the real world. just a while ago my friend and i went to the mall to do our grocery, as we paid at the counter we realized how things are becoming more and more expensive nowadays and that's when we really felt the need to become more economical than usual. back when i was a student, although i still am now as i am taking up my masters (currently unemployed, expenses shouldered by my parents), the reality that things are becoming more expensive didn't really struck me. maybe because my parents would always tell me and my siblings that there is no need for us to think of money and expenses because as students our responsibility is as follows: attend class, get good grades, aim high-slash-achieve, graduate with flying colors and etc. or maybe because students don't actually work that's why they can't feel how hard it really is to earn. although my parents would remind us that prices are high and we should be thrifty, siguro lang talaga a student's perception is different from that of a non-student. as a resolution, i will keenly separate my needs from my wants --- not only will i save money, but also become good in budgeting. ahhh, the art of economics.

speaking of unemployment, i have been job-hunting with friends and still no luck. when i received my diploma, i felt obliged to work and pay for my expenses. my parents didn't want me to look for a job, especially if it has to do with call centers; for some reason they just want me to bum around and "grab the opportunity of resting while you still can", said both of them in a conversation a few days after june 2. however, being the sag that i am --- always drawn to motion and activity, bumming around is not and has never been my type. although i am taking up my masters, still sunday classes leave the weekdays for more bumming. i get exactly what they mean, it's just that i feel like i'm having too much rest. my parents want me to rest and i don't want to be a bummer, they don't want me to work yet and i want to work on something. my unemployment leads me to further job-hunting, something i am working on. so to compromise, i am balancing rest and job-hunting. that way i can chill and relax while not overdoing it, job-hunting while not overdoing it too. and yes, since i am still looking for employment i get to rest while having little preoccupations. ends meet.

Jul 8, 2008

my nephew

this is my nephew, kuya louie and ate melsy's cute lil son, louis craig. born 2nd of september year 2007, premature and look at him now.
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Jul 7, 2008

new space

after the board exams my parents and i decided that i move in with my brother in his pad. i moved out from my dorm and moved in right after my in-house review. things are good though i have to make little sacrifices. little sacrifices, by this i mean my closet space is not as big as the space i owned because i am sharing a portion of the closet with my brother and some of my stuff is still in the storage unit of my dorm --- i need help to move them in and i can't find one because people are busy with school. to keep me from boredom, i have four fiction books three of them i have finished reading, a laptop and of course food.
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