Jul 12, 2008

text message

last night while eating dinner with my mom, i received a text message from my room mate during the in-house review. the text message said that gma has approved the request of the bon to release the results of the june '08 nle on august 24 (the original scheduled date of release is on july 20) to prevent the reapplication of 69.8% failed takers. it also stated that there are two people from the same school who got the first place topnotch slot, or something like that. i showed the message to my mom and we laughed. then, she told me that i need not believe it because it isn't true.

i found the text message stupid and that i can nail in two points: (1) does gma have to approve the date upon which the nle results will be released? as far as i know, gma has no authority and has nothing to do with the release of the nle results; and (2) why would they prevent the reapplication of failed takers? there is no law stating that failed takers are prevented from retaking the next board exam within the same year, what is their reason of preventing such action? (hhhmmmm, cloudy). then again, if this is really true, they (bon) would've scheduled an emergency meeting with adpcn regarding the situation at hand and my mom would know earlier before the stupid text message was circulated.

july 20 is only a few days from now, godspeed june 08 nle takers!

whatever the result is, may god be praised!