Jul 14, 2008

dream on...

i was, am, and will be dreaming of becoming a doctor. but dreams only take you so far because you will not get anywhere if you do not have: (1) the money for it, and (2) the circumstance to do it aka "the right moment". sad but true. for those who are reading my previous posts, you will know why i am not in the right circumstance to go to med school. and obviously we don't have the money for it at the moment because after my siblings finish college my sister will proceed to law and my brother will proceed to med school. 'di rin pwede kasi if everyone in the family will proceed, no one will be left to help my cousins. and since i am the eldest, i am deemed and by no choice i will carry that obligation. that is why whenever i see med students and interns, i can't help but cry; whenever i think of this dream tears fall down, which explains why as i am writing this umiiyak ako.
i never thought a real-life teleserye scene would happen before my very
eyes. but look at me now, i am experiencing my share of a real-life teleserye scene.

thank you dr. house and scrubs team for making me dream and for making
me drift into a world where i am a doctor.