Jul 11, 2008

kawawa mode

i am currently looking for someone to help me with lay-outing my blog. as much as possible i want it to look personalized, gusto ko pag may tumingin sa lay-out pa lang sabihin na nya, "it's her! this is icon", hehehehe cheesy. i am trying to contact my friend gabby, who is really good at creating things with html and other computer thingees. this is my nth blog and i intend that this will be the last howevever, i haven't moved my posts from other blogs i own because i forgot the passwords --- kawawa naman ako. so what i did i placed my other blogs to my links, i think it'll be good.

i will be killing brain cells this afternoon as i will make my thesis chapter one skeleton. please pray that i will finish it and i will make good since it's due this sunday. this skeleton i will make out of cramming, not really good but then i can make bawi when it will be returned and i will polish, probably change it. masters i slowly killing my brain cells (aawww kawawa naman), i hate it for now. two more trisemesters to go and i'm done! yeheyyy!!! --- i'm thinking of graduation for motivation, i need it right now. then after that, hello phD! --- another motivation, keeps me sane.