Jul 12, 2008

mom and her students

last night, my mom invited me to the place where she and her students are staying while having their exposure at the psychiatric ward here in cebu. it was their last night so they decided to have a small gathering --- food, mini program, etc. above you can see my mom and some of her students. she was so involved with the program especially when they decided to have karaoke; i think she got all her students to sing. but i didn't stay long, i went to her room because i decided to take a rest as i have been killing brain cells whole afternoon when i made my thesis chapter one first draft. and ayayayyy i never knew mom had cutie students hehehehe, my bestfriend texted me saying, "well...go for it". i just can't come up to them and flirt with my mom watching my back right? hehehe. besides, i wasn't in the mood to be extra friendly as i've said, i've been killing brain cells. they will be leaving today, happy trip!
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