Jul 19, 2008


i am a known oc (obsessive compulsive), someone with a type a personality. i have accepted that fact back when i was still in high school. there are downsides of my being an oc that somehow, sometimes become an advantage.

when i am hooked to something, i stop only when i become slightly ashamed of what i am doing to myself. a good example is when i am reading a book. i don't drop the book until i realize that i have to eat because i haven't eaten the whole day, when i have class the next morning and i badly need to be prepared for the day and when i have exams to study for because i need to keep up with my grades. that may be the down side. the good side is when there are projects i need to make --- i don't stop until i'm done, hence i get things done in no time. when i have work to do, every detail of what i'm doing i'm obsessed about. i feel the need for it to be perfect, hence as much as possible i avoid cramming. but when i do cram, i still see to it that i get to every detail though not as thorough.

so much for that, here are the handful of things i'm obsessed about:

books. i'm a bookworm, a voracious reader, that's why i pay a visit to the bookstore at least once a week. i finish reading books in no time. when i have nothing to do, i can finish a book as thin as a paulo coelho in a day, as thick as a stephenie meyer in two days. you can imagine me as someone throwing tantrums, badly wanting the vacant job in a bookstore just so she can be the first one to have a copy of the new releases, a soon-to-be best seller, a potential nobel prize winner --- something like that. or better, a bookshelf that grew arms, legs and a face.

movies. especially the ones that go "from the best selling book ..." blah blah in whatever proper manner you say that. this is for one reason i have yet to figure out, but i have two theories. one is my love for books, and second is the curiosity i get on how film makers interpret the grandiosity pictured (especially if the book revolves around a magical world, mythical creatures, and the like) and how the actors/actresses potray the detailed description of every character in the book. i love criticizing how the movie turns out, seeing people rush to the bookshop to grab their own copy of the original --- a thought i think is quite stupid, i mean, why wait for the movie when you can get all the thrill from the book right? then again, not all are inclined to books that they don't know a must-read exists until they see the motion picture.

writing. i've always wanted to be a good writer, that's reason enough. i hope i'm improving, and i still look forward to improving.

adventures. the ones where i leave the place i know and go to a destination i don't. an impromptu decision to go somewhere unknown --- last minute decisions plus the adrenaline rush.

that's about it.

oh, and one more thing, i don't have ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder) in case you are about to think i have.