Jul 10, 2008


things are different when you go out to the real world. just a while ago my friend and i went to the mall to do our grocery, as we paid at the counter we realized how things are becoming more and more expensive nowadays and that's when we really felt the need to become more economical than usual. back when i was a student, although i still am now as i am taking up my masters (currently unemployed, expenses shouldered by my parents), the reality that things are becoming more expensive didn't really struck me. maybe because my parents would always tell me and my siblings that there is no need for us to think of money and expenses because as students our responsibility is as follows: attend class, get good grades, aim high-slash-achieve, graduate with flying colors and etc. or maybe because students don't actually work that's why they can't feel how hard it really is to earn. although my parents would remind us that prices are high and we should be thrifty, siguro lang talaga a student's perception is different from that of a non-student. as a resolution, i will keenly separate my needs from my wants --- not only will i save money, but also become good in budgeting. ahhh, the art of economics.

speaking of unemployment, i have been job-hunting with friends and still no luck. when i received my diploma, i felt obliged to work and pay for my expenses. my parents didn't want me to look for a job, especially if it has to do with call centers; for some reason they just want me to bum around and "grab the opportunity of resting while you still can", said both of them in a conversation a few days after june 2. however, being the sag that i am --- always drawn to motion and activity, bumming around is not and has never been my type. although i am taking up my masters, still sunday classes leave the weekdays for more bumming. i get exactly what they mean, it's just that i feel like i'm having too much rest. my parents want me to rest and i don't want to be a bummer, they don't want me to work yet and i want to work on something. my unemployment leads me to further job-hunting, something i am working on. so to compromise, i am balancing rest and job-hunting. that way i can chill and relax while not overdoing it, job-hunting while not overdoing it too. and yes, since i am still looking for employment i get to rest while having little preoccupations. ends meet.