Jul 27, 2008


two words. bum again. can someone please tell me what exactly am i going to do with my life at the moment? i want to do something productive, something aside from reading, writing and very often visits to the bookstore. maybe i'll figure that one out soon.

things are finally slowly falling into place lately. me passing the board exam, finding all the books i want to purchase, viewing every twilight movie clip i can find in youtube, making plans for my future as i am already licensed to practice my profession. i have worries though. one, and the very least of my worries, the sloppy report i had this afternoon. and two, the 4th of august, the release of breaking dawn.

i've already signed for reservation along with 250 people that day. and that's what's worrying me. the numbers. i'm the 249th. 250 and counting is for me, far far to much a complication --- chaos. it's not that i'd rather be the lone fan. it is good to know that i'm not the only one running a little obsessed. so much so, a relief that there are millions of us loving twilight saga, stephenie meyer, the movie as well as the actors/actresses playing the roles. it's a first come, first serve basis and because of the numbers, the likelihood that i may not get the book on the said date is scaring me.

already i'm planning for the strategy i might and most likely will use, silly as i may sound. here's the sitch. since it's a monday --- a school day, work day for the working fans --- the bookstore may not be as full and chaotic as i envisioned it to be. however, i'm not playing my chances on this one. i'll be up there on the very hour the store opens. i will grab the book sans using the reservation, if it's the only way i can secure my copy the soonest possible time. you know, even with the reservation, sometimes you can't get your copy as early as the day of release. reservation is not a guarantee. as i've said, i've been running a little obsessed. clearly the plan gives you the idea of my definition of "little" obsessed. i'm not one of those rabid annoying teenage fans though. i'm a little mature for that of course.

other plans. i'm considering going abroad to work, given the chances and opportunities i have found, may find. i'm going to travel, on my own, while i'm young. of course i'll work here for some time. but i figured, not here, not just the place i see myself in the long run. i am also taking into account getting a second degree. college again, there, not here. a degree in enlgish literature. that doesn't sound so bad, not a bad idea. i still want to be a doctor, it's just that it's pretty impossible for me to attend med school. to be a good writer is next in line. hence to enroll in english lit would do just the exact job, for me, since it involves books and oodles of writing. sounds fun. i'm smiling at the thought already.

by the way, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend JEM LAWRENCE!!! i love you. god bless.