Jul 28, 2008

sundays at tiffany's

sundays at tiffany's by james patterson is the book i just finished reading after stephenie meyer's the host.

when jane and michael decided to hit nantucket, there's something jane said to herself:

"chicken jane again. fantasy is better than reality."

i think we can all attest to what she said. let's be true to ourselves and admit that sometimes, most of the time, people'd rather wallow in a fantasy world than face reality. and i think this is because the real world gives us all the good reasons to cry and be in pain.

at the near end of the story, jane said something about the subject of miracles. i'd like to share what she said:

"just beacuse life is hard, and always ends in a bad way, doesn't mean that all stories have to, even if that's what they tell us in school and in the new york times book review. in fact, it's a good thing that stories are as different as we are, one from another."

in as much as reality gives us all the reasons to be in pain, it also gives us all more than enough reasons to be and stay happy. and for our stories to end as happily as we want it to be, we have to make it happen. my best friend once told me, "destiny is only for losers --- it's just a lame excuse for letting things happen to you instead of making them happen."