Aug 23, 2008

the month of august

this month has been a rollercoaster ride for me. i have allowed my self to succumb into a truckload of thoughts, and yes, i have put them into writing. you will read about some these "thoughts" soon, only this time, i have tried to edit my write-ups the best way i can. so you can expect them just a little superior than my previous posts, which are not polished --- all but raw, fresh from my mind sans the editing.

powerbooks is having a sale this month. and this is the reason why i'm running a bit short on dough at the moment. i lost control upon seeing the piles of books, old and new titles, prices of which are marked down. reality hit me when i opened my wallet and foresaw that it was about to be badly scratched --- i knew i had to narrow down on what to buy. so i settled with five titles. it made me sad, having to leave all my other choices unpurchased. i'll have to return for them, soon. i can wait.


Aug 5, 2008

breaking dawn at last

yes! i am done with the saga. i couldn't say more.
now i want to join stephenie's vampire empire. ha, ha!

hands down to stephenie meyer!!!

thank you powerbooks!!!