Sep 2, 2008


I have been wandering in this strange place I call my home for a week now. Have I grown tired of this place that I can’t seem to find anything fun to fill every minute of my stay? I practically grew up here, yes; but now, it seems as if the tedium was something I never got used to. All this reaction, I particularly blame the city.

I have lived my entire college life in the big city away from my familiar home; I’ve adjusted pretty well, and I’ve learned how to live the city life. Although back then, I was practically contented with the available resources here and found small-town fun well … fun, the city has changed a truckload of my views on existence. In the city, there’s just so much to see, places to go, things to do, and experiences to be on familiar terms with. Whenever boredom would strike, you can go have coffee with friends, watch a movie, shop, or just escape to a good place to unwind. Again, there’s just so much to do; the metropolis is alive 24/7, so you never really run out of stuff to go through in a day to day basis. My fondness of urban living: when your list ends, you just step outside and discover that you’ve already made mental notes on what you’re going to carry out next. Although dwelling the urban fashion, I am not in any way like women you see losing themselves at parties --- you get the picture. Even the verve of the metropolis cannot prevent me from holing up in my crib, either reading a good book, gathering thoughts to write or watching DVDs. On the other side, it is but natural for someone who grew up in a small town to come looking for that small-town experience over and over in his/her lifetime. Even with the impossible monotonous life little towns give, if it is home, there is no denying that one will forever yearn for the comfort it brings. Even with all the amenities claiming to give relaxation that the metropolis offers, nothing can beat this true aspect of a humble abode. What I truly love about home is the fact that, it has the precise effect of a getaway from all the madness the city gives. It does not fail to placate a weary soul. Hence, my frequent visits.

I have had my fill of both urban and provincial lives. And even with this, I have not had enough of my frequent shifts between the two. This is the core explanation as to why my week-long stay here, though seemingly forever, leads me to missing the metropolitan existence and the same goes the other way around. I can’t live without the other. Although double standards are not really my type, this one --- if classified as --- would be an exception.