Sep 5, 2008

love letter

Dear God,

I know I don’t quite deserve everything that I am enjoying. With all my mistakes, lack (lack, not absence) of modesty, goodness, and yes, purity, You continue to bless me unceasingly. And truth be told, most of the time, I am ashamed of myself when I ask little favors of You, what with my shortcomings. With this, I am again swallowing my pride.

Every girl dreams of a fairytale. And I am one of them, who yearn to fall head over heels with someone worth every ounce of who and what I am. You have watched me as time and again I fall in and out of love. You are my number one witness, and I reckon You have rocked in laughter for the many, many times I have acted like a fool soldier. Though I am still 21, it came to me that the time has arrived that I start requesting of the bliss fairytales bring.

So anyway, yes, I want a man who will sweep me off my feet. My perfect guy would obviously be either like Fitzwilliam Darcy, Edward Cullen, or Andrew Jacoby. But I have made both ends of reality and fantasy meet, hence all of the primary pieces would be: intelligence, decency, sense of humor, acceptable body, cute face, and any sort of job that would fall under the generous umbrella of “normal” --- of course, something that can afford a very good way of living if he and I are to marry. And God, the extra icing on the cake would be … Brit accent, hehehe. But you know I can live with or without that spare helping.

That will be all, well, for now. I am fully aware that in Your time, You will provide me of what is best. Though please be warned, that, I will shamelessly continue to pray for this. Please do not get irritated with my persistence. Thank you very much.