Sep 3, 2008

time to face

After a two-hour trip, I am finally in the city. I have walked the urban soil all but 5 hours and already I am missing home. Jeez. At this point, I pine for the comforting familiarity, that for the past week, I have absurdly referred to as redundantly repulsive. What a shame.

Tomorrow, I will have to try to start my day early. There’s just so much to do: go to school and have myself registered for the 2nd trimester (not to mention the horrendous process I will have to submit to), have my finger and toe nails cleaned and polished, get my eyebrows neatly plucked, drop soiled clothes to the laundry shop, buy gift for Craig’s 1st birthday, buy Daniel’s white polo (for school), grab coffee with Loida and of course, surf the net --- marker of the day’s culmination. I will also need to remind myself of my resume waiting to be revised, and the impossibly long list of way overdue requirements I’ve yet to toil on. I have to work my ass off --- assiduously and conscientiously --- for the numerous loopholes I have left the past month. There is no disavowing of my urgency to cut off the slack. With this, comes another reminder, that I get a grip on myself just in case I lose control (again). Ah, the inevitability of irresponsibility, creeping every so often from the insides of my striving-to-be-mature persona. Try as I may, still I am subjected to such state of affairs.