Oct 24, 2008

FAMAS awards

cutely enough, just last night, i found out that FAMAS, in FAMAS awards actually stands for Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences. hah. i used to think it was some kind of infamous international movie award-giving body. hahahaha. very unfortunately, i am not into fiipino movies, hence the crime of ignorance for what a FAMAS award is. hahahaha.

last night, while doing a little research on my homework topics, i saw this local magazine lying around my cousin's pad --- we're next door neighbors, by the way. i picked it up for a bit of skim reading. there, i read about the FAMAS awards. it did me good. not only was i dispelled from the honest mistake of ignorance, my funny bone was tickled. can you imagine, all the while, i really thought it was this not-really-huge movie award and filipinos get shots of luck winning it? for a moment, i sat there, laughing at myself. it was a relief to be out of the hysterics my homeworks gave me.