Oct 22, 2008

sighs and bday wishes

i have changed my giddy fan girl twilight multiply lay-out because i saw this cool lay-out and felt like i needed the change. chillax.

i am stuck here, trying to finish all the modules and requirements for my masters so that i can catch the deadline, and finally be able to go home. my siblings have gone yesterday and i am left all alone in the empty pad *sigh*, hoping against hope that i can finish everything within the scant amount of time given by my professors. no pressure, *sigh*. i have switched my major to administration, aspiring to rise the ranks --- another sigh. my father suggested that after i finish the said major, i will pursue the major that i was supposed to take. so, it's a double major. jeez. most of the time i think it's madness. my lungs are almost out of air with everything i am doing now, how much more when i take another major? or maybe it's just a miserable case of sheer laziness overtaking, that i am having constant arrythmias and dyspnea when the thought 'requirements for masters' crosses my mind. one more trimester to go and i'll be done hopefully by may next year. thesis --- of course, i have to comply everything in time for graduation. unequivocally, i do not have any excuse not to get things done. i am, clearly, unemployed.

part of the deal my parents and i had is that i take up a doctoral degree after i finish my masters. whew. a hefty list. i have no other options; i can't do my thing if i don't stick with the compromise. luckily, i am flawlessly --- okay, not really flawless --- fulfilling my side of the bargain. i just wish that my parents will, too. good luck to me on that one.

the second trimester will be over soon and i am morosely anticipating for the craziness of thesis-making.

my mind is swimming in the large pool of management and organizational development, hence the very scattered write-up.

i want to wish my brother, NEAL, a very happy birthday!
also to my friend, ERIC!