Oct 9, 2008

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good morning everyone!!!

yes! i am in a very good mood today. first, because of the final twilight trailer --- can you believe it? it has basically made up my day. second, semestral break is near. which means that i can go home and take a short vaca of sorts. and third, i am euphoric, yet again for some unknown reason.

my twilight widget will stay where it is, though it is consuming a lot of space, until the movie releases. i am soooo excited for november 21st. yayyyy!!!

i am up to several write-ups at the moment. most of which, i am going for 2000 words. i will post some of them, as promised, when i am finally able to tie-up the loose ends and polish everything. of course, you shouldn't get your hopes up; after all, i am but an amateur writer --- sans any formal education on creative writing. though i have been in a publication, it doesn't erase the fact that i still need to learn more about the field, let alone practice. in any case, i will share my thoughts.

the witch of portobello, another masterpiece of author paulo coelho, is on top of my reading list right now. if not for the constant reminder that i have tons of work to do for my masters, i wouldn't set the book down. even at the start, already it is mesmerizing. my reading list also includes the incomplete and unpublished work of my favorite author, stephenie meyer, midnight sun. since the leak of its partial draft, stephenie has put the writing of the book on hold. and i understand how she feels. her rights as an author, even as a human being, was violated. it's no joke to write a book. however, she posted the partial draft on her website for all her fans to read. to no surprise, i downloaded the file for me to conveniently read and reread. my growing shabby collection of books includes all the books of the twilight saga, and midnight sun is unequivocally part of it. i've reread all of her books for nth times already and still, i get the same shot of thrill and excitement just like the first time i read them. i don't know what magic stephenie has, i just don't get tired with rereading all of her works.

my best friend and i are planning to purchase sure seats on the movie's (twilight)release date. it's gonna bite our pockets, but nevertheless, it is worth every penny. it's my happiness --- in every sense of the phrase --- here i go again with the unrealistic dreaming, ha ha! wish us luck because i am hoping against hope that lady luck will be standing side by side with us on the week of.