Nov 4, 2008

celebrate nov 4th

yeyyy!!! it's victory for Barack and Michelle Obama, and their kids Sasha and Malea; the Democrats, Obama supporters, civil rights activists, and the united states of america. the world's strongest nation has never seen this kind of triumph since the 1960s, and this, by far, has been the most exciting, mind-stimulating, and biggest presidential campaign i have witnessed not only in the us but the world. i am proud that my bet, obama and joe biden, have won the elections. i congratulate senator mccain and governor palin for a job well done in facing the campaign and the elections fair and square.

i hope that filipino politicians will be as humble as the senator and governor in accepting defeat. that instead of denial and leading rallies, they will come up and give their support to the people whom the mass population have chosen. that instead of accusing their contenders of cheating, they will extend a hand and help shape the country's success and change.

president elect barack obama - the first black american president, harvard graduate, editor-in-chief, son of immigrants, of kenyan descent, senator for only one term --- brought himself to the white house, no connections, not that much money to start with --- now that, right there, is one heck of a clean glorious victory.

change we can believe in, change we need.

i am very proud and honored, at a young age having witnessed this historic and momentous event.