Nov 28, 2008

guys getting mushy?

november 26th, my siblings and i watched twilight. yes, i watched again after watching the movie with friends in an earlier schedule.

november 27th, i saw my copy of twilight lying in my brother's bed. he's reading it. earlier that day, i overheard some of manoy's REM friends discussing about watching the movie. one went, "bay, mo-tan-aw nata, nindot bay," then the other said, "di ko bay, vampire vampire man gud." then another one rebutted, "di bay oy, romance man, sagul man." then they saw me and asked how the movie went and how it matches the book. they're men with girlfriends; computer addicts aged 20 and above.

i went to powerbooks with loida that afternoon, there we saw two male medicine students inquiring for a paperback copy of the first installment. waiting, they chatted just beside me while facing copies of breaking dawn. their topic: midnight sun. one was regaling how midnight sun is twilight written in edward's perspective. the other one was about to purchase twilight.

today, just before i left the pad, i saw my brother pull-out new moon from my book drawer. at this moment, he is reading it.

when girls read twilight (and/or books written in a female perspective, especially the ones classified under romance), it seems quite normal. but when you hear straight guys talking about it, it feels a little weird. i am not driscriminating; i am not implying that such books are to be read by human beings of the female species alone, i'm not. it just feels eerie; i mean, men have always reflected themselves as tough and non-emotional. through time, they've always projected that masculine, testosterone-fueled side of their persona. and it just seems weird, peculiar for them to open up to a romance story, written in a girl's perspective. you could expect them to read Tolkien or King or other books that're written through the eyes of a guy or of a third party. but through the eyes of a girl who is madly in love? it's unlikely. nice to know that men are becoming softer these days; that they are opening up to the emotional side of women --- thay they're trying to understand that soft spot we have inside us. it's good fun, just a sort of out-of-this-world experience for me. funny, mind-boggling, odd.