Nov 14, 2008

laugh out loud

what a day.


this morning, i got loida, eric, my sister and i tickets to our highly anticipated, beloved movie, twilight, which will hit philippine theaters on november 26th. it's still a week before the day of and already we are bouncy --- loida and i, that is. we all but screamed and squealed in excitement while eating our dinner, when we realized that it's only a few days away. you know, our reactions are but normal, as means of channeling our excitement go, since we are regressing to our tween years. it's kinda fun, actually.

eric at his finest comedy

for some reason, loida and i laughed very hard at eric's protruding belly while he was talking to a relative of his this evening. we found the sight super duper hilarious. lucky eric was in a very good mood and he never got pissed, even when all the laughing and giggling brought tears to our eyes.

the three of us were still in the middle of finishing our three-scoop ice cream delight when eric decided to go inside the girbaud boutique. loida and i stayed outside, afraid that we might be shooed from the store --- since we were still eating --- which would really be embarassing. eric braved to go inside, with his ice cream. he was in the middle of the store, looking at items displayed on a table. he picked up one, and gestured for loida to come in. she was about to go inside, when a man approached eric and made him go out. eating not allowed. eric's facial expression --- his entire reaction --- was really very funny that we started to laugh again. we laughed our hearts out, and people would stare, glare at us as if we had some kind of mental illness. eric was unintentionally satirical tonight.

all in all, a good day.

thank you eric for the laughter.