Nov 26, 2008

my take on twilight the movie

Warning: contains spoilers. So if you haven’t had the chance to watch, better not read this because I am so spilling.

The long wait is finally over.

One word: FANTASTIC. I’ve never seen as great an adaptation as the movie. Every key event in the book was there, some of the lines from the book were even hashed, and the shot of thrill you get from reading can be experienced all through out the film. Two thumbs up! I highly recommend not only to fans but to movie buffs as well.

For me, the coolest part of the movie was the baseball scene. It was simply awesome, plus, the song "Supermassive Black Hole" made the total a W-O-W. The air when Edward (Rob) and Emmett (Kellan) collided looked so fun and real that it felt like you’re watching it in the flesh. Alice (Ashley) is a good pitcher, Jasper (Jackson) on the other hand looks like a pro. And the thunder and lightning effects touched-up the already amazing picture. The other scene that stuck to me was the part where Edward brought Bella (Kristen) to meet his family for the first time. Aside from their beautiful house, the sight of the cooking Cullens was a surprise. They were really making Italian food for Bella --- how sweet is that? However, it was the kissing scene that knocked me breathless. It was so intense --- in every literal sense of the word. The atmosphere that took the screen and the entire theater was a mixture of passion, desire and the ultimate want (and in a way, lack) of control. And yes, the chemistry was pretty much hyperventilating; it really is true, they ring sex up the yin yang. I also adore the meadow moment and the part where they show up at school together for the first time. I love the movie, so naturally I pine for almost all of the scenes.

In as much as I love the movie, of course there are things that I would have loved to see. First of which is the chapter called Blood Type, where Edward tells Bella that he thought Mike Newton was dragging her dead body off to bury it in the woods; the part where he tells her that he was concerned he might have to avenge her murder. I thought that part was a whole crack-up. Then there are the conversations they have in Bella’s room, more than ever the parts where Bella says, "Can I have a human minute?" Lastly, more scenes with the Cullens; it would be nice if we saw them a lot in the movie. But anyway, the film is perfect as it already is. Everyone was superb; from the Cullens down to Embry and Sam --- they all were great with who they portrayed. They all seemed to be the exact embodiment of the book’s characters. Especially Rob and Kristen, I couldn’t imagine another pair playing Edward and Bella. Kudos to all the stars and crew!

Was the movie as good as the book? The answer is no. Reading Twilight and watching the movie tie-in are two diverse experiences. The book is written with so much detail and fitting everything into a two-hour movie is just impossible. With reading, you can take all the time you want to contemplate the events and run them in your imagination. You make what you want to make of it; you can play the episodes in the manner you require to see them. Conversely with the movie, you have to set your mind to the pace it was set. Further, you make use of the interpretation of the production staff and actors. But as I said earlier, the core of the account was alive from beginning to end. Did the movie give justice to Stephenie Meyer’s work? Yes. It was vindicated to the last rubble. The author herself said she was very much pleased with the outcome. And with the figures and reviews, need I say more? Is it better than Harry Potter? I can’t pinpoint which is better because for one, Harry Potter is entirely a different world from Twilight. The entireties of their themes are poles apart, so I could not precisely tell. Were it transpired that they were generic, I could. Did it meet my expectations? Yes. Zero disappointment. Again, I’ve never seen an adaptation as precise as Twilight. What’s my verdict? I won’t back out with my word, but here’s another one that might keep you up at night (especially if you haven’t seen it yet): SPECTACULAR. So what’re you waiting for? Watch now!

I’ve waited long enough to see this movie, and now that I’ve seen it it leaves me wanting for more. I have to go through the agony again, as I anticipate for New Moon. It’ll be worth it.