Nov 29, 2008


here's a small list of ideas that comes to mind whenever we hear the word thanksgiving: family dinner around a fat stuffed turkey, yummy-looking assortment of pastries, harold waldorf's famous pumpkin pie (okay, that doesn't really count), pilgrim costumes, and plays revolving around pilgrims and native american indians.

in the philippines it is not customary to hold thanksgiving dinners; at least that's what i've observed. maybe because we don't have pilgrims and native american indians around, or maybe because we're not just that into stuffed turkeys. but what the heck, the purpose of thanksgiving is to celebrate the blessings and miracles we have received over the year. no matter how shitty our year was, still there are snippets of events we are to be thankful for. as it occurs, i am writing with shredded willpower about this topic i don't find cheerful; however, i am trying to finish this with as much dignity as it deserves. okay, let me stop the ranting; let's move along. so, i am pretty sure that the question, "what are you thankful for?" pops in your head. to evade further boredom, in random orded, i am thankful for...

1) the blessing of family

2) the current events that have made me a much stronger person

3) the divine revelation of separating --- no confusion this time --- who my real friends are from those who are just: using me, pretending to like me, experimenting with my unpredictable chameleon-like mood and character, gathering information to use against me and list goes on

4) the generous compensation i am relentlessly getting despite my illogical, erratic and undeserving behavior lately

5) the unsinkable support i am getting from those who love me

... so that was roughly the greater scheme summarized in five phrases. let us celebrate thanksgiving in our own "austere" way(s) of commencement, simply because there're a lot to be grateful for. but, let us not forget that, we don't need to wait for this time of year to come around for us to count our blessings and say our thank you-s. everyday can be thanksgiving. here's one that's worth every second of merry-making: life.

it's thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?

happy thanksgiving everyone!