Dec 3, 2008

little ashes

what is salvador dali's gender preference??? can someone enlighten me on this topic i definitely find controversial?

little ashes is the film adaptation --- filled with striking reveilles --- of the life of celebrated artist salvador dali, with his friends: writer federico garcia lorca and filmmaker luis bunuel.

i love dali; i adore his works. but i know nothing --- not even a speck --- about certain cryptic details of his life. i honestly have not read any bio of his, or any piece of article relating to his personal life. isn't it shocking that someone who claims to adore and love him knows absolutely nothing? all i can draw from the miscroscopic info i have is that he studied in madrid to become a great artist, which he eventaully became. and that he has mastered the bizarre blend of shyness and rampant exhibitionism, obviousy reflected upon in his art.

i don't know how to react to this extremely surprising, confusing question that the movie trailer and synopsis has planted in my mind. three things; one is the unfathomable, unbearable (for me) query: is dali gay? the other can be considered an echo of the first: dali is gay?! and lastly, is his summer with lorca brokeback mountain-ish?! --- WAAAHHH!!!

have i been hiding under some proverbial rock that even this fact (?!), not a grain of insight i can pick up from my brain? or is this thought just an absurdly conjured up piece of crap my twisted mind has invited?

something inside me wants to shout in defense: NO! HE IS NOT GAY. but what do i know? what is the truth? the movie may reflect a series of his encounters, but it will not depict the whole reality of salvador dali.

one thing is for sure, i am stirred.