Dec 15, 2008

random thoughts

i like to operate on the assumption that all people are good. but i can't do away with the universal truth, that, people are divided into three. some are divinely good, while others are infernally wicked and the remaining are severely moral.

today, i want to grab my favorite holiday coffee at starbucks. but, my starbucks buddies are not around. loida is in leyte; kit is, i think, sleeping his ass off after a slightly tiring night (that's what i've heard); and jem is at work. so far, these are the only people i want to spend my starbucks moments with. only three of the good people in my life. because i can freely pester them, and rant and gush over unimportant details of my not-so-picturesque and dull day to day life. i miss them so much!!! and to think, i just saw kit lastnight and loida a few days back.

nemo, as yoyek told me, is a very rare kind of fish that can easily be caught. they don't swim around in ones, they always have a crowd with them. sometimes in fours or threes.

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! isn't it the most wonderful time of the year? i sooo love christmas and believe it or not, i still believe in santa claus. i know, i know, it is amazingly obvious that santa claus is only our parents but for an anonymous reason, it doesn't make my belief in saint nick drop even a centimeter. crazy as it sounds, i still look forward to meeting him and having a tour around the north pole. and, i wouldn't mind meeting a few of his elfen friends.