Jan 10, 2009


judging from the looks of my blank itinerary, today will be particularly boring. i got to the end of the book i was reading last night. i want to buy a new book but i'm too lazy to go out and visit bookshops. so i'm glued here, blogging. tapping the keyboard and trying to put into writing whatever it is that comes to mind, just so i can fight the tedium.

boredom is hanging over me, which is why i've decided to try and light up the day myself. though i am not like a perpetually cheery smurf who whistles happy tunes while frolicking about in the woods, i will exert effort on doing something creative. whatever it is, it will just come around.

my sister (her again) is a subscriber of seventeen magazine. because she is generous enough to endure the pain of allowing her mag to hang around the pad with me for a few days, i am fortunate to read what my stars have to say (the magazine publishes monthly horoscopes, the issue is jan-feb so...). i am a sucker for horoscope reading. i enjoy it so much that sometimes i read it over and over again to the point that i had it memorized already.

for january, according to seventeen, i will be experiencing boy drama. clearly written, a cute new guy likes me but he is super shy. i, yes i, not him, will have the courage to make the first move on the 27th with the aid of mercury. what to make of it? hhhmmmm ... well, there's this guy i just met weeks ago. indeed he asked for my number. but wait, no, it could not possibly be him because he is nowhere near cute. and with that said, for sure i won't make the first move.

february. it says here that i will be subjected to both boy drama and guy love. what could this exactly mean? i have no idea. let me see, oh, here's the explanation. my stars say that i will meet a new guy that i am bound to really like. and he likes me too (well isn't that nice). the only pitfall, i'm already dating someone. but who could they be? hhhhmmmm... i don't know. but it would be nice to see if this really happens; it could be fun. hehehehehehe.

i would be much more interested if my horoscopes were about career and money. i know i can search for them on the net, but no, i won't; i want the ones printed in the glossy pages of the magazines. boys/guys/men ... it is the one topic that i don't give much attention to, especially that it seems like i have harbored the ill-fortune of attracting flaming imbeciles. oh enough of that already, it's beginning to sound hokey.

to further evade the tedium that is slowly creeping its way out, thanks to elvis presley and van morrison, here are some of the things i'd like to share about me.

yay me!

the coolest gadget i own is my ipod. it may be a little old but i still love it. because of its limited memory, i am able to do away with storing songs and videos that i don't like. it's little, slim and very handy that i bring it along even when i'm doing my groceries without fearing pickpockets.

jonathan strange and mr. norrell by susanna clark is the geeky book i had fun reading. go to my reviews to read what its all about.

my guilty pleasures are eating chocolates (dark only) and going to the salon for a foot spa.

my latest splurge was last december, when i almost used up all my shopping money on underwear. underwear, not lingerie. hehehehehe. it was a first since i usually spend a chunk of money on books and, sometimes, clothes.

whenever i go to the mall, my first stop would be in a bookstore. if that's not the first one i visit, i make sure that i give time to wound through bookshelves before going home.

favorite coffeeshop is starbucks, need i say more? some say the coffee bean is better because blah blah blah blah blah and more blah, but i love starbucks nevertheless.

yesterday, i bathed in freezing water. hopefully today the water wont be icy.

i am currently listening to elvis presley's burning love.

have a wonderful day!