Jan 29, 2009

little miracle

most of the time all of us get trapped in our own little bubble of selfishness, and sometimes, for it burst, all we need is a heart-warming, tear-jerking, dagger-in-your-heart song. this epiphany dawned on me just this morning.

when i woke up, my brother had already gone to school, my sister to her debate meeting. the laptop was on --- manel had used it to play games before she left --- with the music player feeding tunes to my ears. when i finally evaded laziness, i got up and groggily went straight to the comfort room. the song "christmas shoes" by fm static (original by bob carlysle) was playing. i didn't feel like listening to it, but because i was still brushing my teeth at a snail-paced manner, and was still half-asleep, i never managed to switch songs. i had no choice but to listen.

the song's good, okay, more than good. it's why i am writing this.

to quote the chorus of the song:

sir i wanna buy these shoes for my momma, please

it's christmas eve and these shoes are just her size

could you hurry sir? daddy says there's not much time

you see she's been sick for quite a while

and i know these shoes will make her smile

and i want her to look beautiful

if momma meets Jesus, tonight

the song speaks of the things, miniscule, we absently ignore or like to ignore everyday. here are my contemplations:

i am very lucky ...

1) to live a life luxurious than others.

2) because my family is complete and whole. my parents, my siblings, and my relatives may not be perfect. but they're real. and they're here --- you know, metaphorically.

3) to have parents a million girls would die for (hehehehe *wink*).

4) to live up until this second. not all get to experience and see the world by 21. yes, i have at some point, wasted a part of my life, but i am blessed to be given another chance to correct my mistakes. the Big Guy up there has been utterly generous in lending me this life again and again - for allowing me to wake up day after day: 'one more time; change, touch a heart, inspire a soul'.

5) to have the little nudgers around me. constantly reminding me of what's important. zapping me back to reality and dodging a bullet at me everytime my head is not securely screwed on my shoulders.

miracles happen everyday. we only fail to notice them because we're too busy catching up with the world; blinded by everyday aches and miseries, and too focused on healing our wounds.

today, this song-driven realization is my little miracle. what's yours? take a look around.

have a great and blessed day everyone!