Jan 10, 2009

wutcha doowin?

my extended vaca in the oc went quite well. when i arrived, invites from various parties were already sprouting like wild mushrooms. it's a good thing that i bagged a couple of dresses --- the type where i would look overdressed there, but i think is pretty much normal and okay in big cities. to quote kit, "the outfit is so nice but so out of this ___ (fill in the blank: a) city or b) country); just paraphrasing, can't recall the exact words. though i try to blend in, i just can't and i don't know why. to think, my clothes are not as wow and trendy as those owned by the ladies and gents i know. so anyway, it's nice to let people see my artistic taste as it reflects the manner i clothe my self.

majority of the people there have a different translation, version, and understanding of the phrase "dressing in style" and "looking the look". take for example this student who was the lead singer of a band which was vying for first place in their college band contest. i can tell she was aiming for the rocker chick look, but she got it wrong, sadly --- no pun intended. she was sporting a black tee, paired with a denim mini and can you believe it, black stockings. stockings. i am not familiar with the rules on how to look the rocker chick look, but i know for sure that the black stockings looked ultra vile. it was bunching up in the wrong places, really; and the girl owns a pair of long legs - sayang. when going for the look, my advice would be: black leggings or tights. one tv character who has a touch of rock in her style is 90210's silver. her style is worth bench-marking, but not copying. style is you with a little help and guidance from magazines, stylists and tv to make the overall look acceptable and presentable.

my current favorite disney cartoon series is phineas and ferb. i find the duo cute and funny in a geeky kind of way. but my favorite character is isabella; she has a crush on phineas and visits almost everyday. she is the leader of a girlscout group that is always helping phineas and ferb with their inventions. aside from the beautiful name, isabella has this flirty line that is kiddily tame: "hi phineas, wutcha doowin?". just adorable. parents should let their kids watch the show as it encourages children to explore the deep sea of their imaginatve creativity. it sparks children's innovative side and clearly sends the message: no to procrastination.

the new tyra bankable productions reality tv series, stylista, is drool-worthy. it is the offspring of prada (the devil wears prada) and the apprentice. it is the devil wears prada in the flesh. the prizes at stake are plain jaw-droppers, for me that is. because if you win, you get a junior editorial assistant post at the posh publication elle magazine, a manhattan pad and a year of clothing allowance from h&m. to become a writer claims the number two spot in my dream list; and to be precise, that dream is to become a writer for a fashion mag. i know, andrea sachs-ish and/or prada-ish, but really, it's a job a million girls like me would die for ... at least for now.

the movie theater in ormoc is as big as usc's cafa theater. no joke, it is. loida and i went to watch twilight, again, there, for our version of limited-time-fun. so we were there enjoying the middle part of the movie, glued to our seats, giggling and giddy as school girls when all of a sudden ... bam! the power went off. brown-out. great. just great. it was my first time to experience brown-out in a theater. and here's more. there were two guys sitting on our left; one went, "nah! sugod napud ta sinugdanan ani", then his companion said, "di bay oy, naa pud na sila'y fast forward". okayyyy. ever heard of film rolls and strips? that was also a first. rewind to approximately 30 minutes before the brown-out and the two guys, our 'seatmates' were a throng of male class-cutting, pre-pubescent high school idiots who couldn't wait for certain scenes to come. they were all prattling about the key kissing and baseball scenes. when the kissing finally came, they were all like "juniors pa na hah, pareha ra edad nato", and i was like, "hello?! they're juniors, yeah, but not your age and definitely not as nonsensical and naive as you are. haven't you heard, in other countries particularly the us, kids get out of high school at the age of 18? Grrr". now, fast forward to 10 minutes after the brown-out. in the baseball scene there was a part where rob's face was focused, when this close-up came, a girl in the front row took out her camera phone and took a photo of the big screen. shockingly, yes, she took a photo. loida went, "haven't you heard of the internet, search and download? usb?! ugh." sheesh, another first.

for christmas, i bought my nephew and godson, louis craig a.k.a froggy, a sponge bob onezy. it fit him well; he looked uberly cuddly and funny in the suit. for a one year-old kid, he is smart; he saw lola's container of assorted biscuits so he placed my aunt's hand over the cover and motioned her to open it. maybe he remembered how the biscuits tasted so yummy the first time he rummaged the colorful container a few days back. the sight was really entertaining. that was only one event that hinted his accelerated growth, there are more but i'm getting lazy and tired already.

last one. yesterday was nanay alice restauro's 65th birthday. the celebration was grand, almost wedding-like. being there gave me the idea of throwing my parents big bashes for their birthdays. in a way, the event motivated me to earn and save tons of cash to materialize the things i want to give my mother and father; i owe them everything and it would be great to give back in that kinda way. many people were there to celebrate nanay alice's natal day. childhood friend, nanay alice's grandson, tita bremie's son, jin ho was there with his beautiful wifey madel and their good-looking son. tita cora's son was there too, joem. it felt like it was just yesterday when joem would run around in his underwear. this is where i stop.

happy new year everyone!