Jan 19, 2009


this year's sinulog is my nephew, louis craig's first. watching the family's growing little bundle of joy enjoy cebu's most celebrated mardi gras was a sight beyond words. craig just turned one and because his current milestone is walking, his fanatical fascination for the sinulog street dances further made him an exceedingly handful child.

for a year-old kid, his patience was remarkable. he did not throw any tantrum while waiting for the street dancers to perform. even with the crazy crowd and bouts of slight rain, he still danced to the drumbeats. if not for his mum and everyone else worrying that he might catch a cold, he would not leave early and would've seen more of the contingents and their colorful humungous floats.

because i haven't written anything in spanish ever since i graduated from senora valencia's class, i figured i'd come up with a thing or two. the following might not be articulate, but i think it's comprehensible enough. hehehe.

tres cosas que aprendido durante el fin de semana:

1) familia más de truco con los amigos vale la pena. la sangre es más espesa que el agua.

2) la moda también debería ser funcional.

3) usted no tiene que gastar mucho para disfrutar.

this was also the first time i got to spend sinulog with my family ever since time immemorial, and it was priceless.

hoping to spend it with them next year, and the next, and the next ...