Jan 17, 2009

time killers

because i am terribly running out of books to read, i wiki-ed and did a little research on what my brain would like to munch on next. so far, i've found only two that my interest has fancied.

"notes from my travels" is a book written by actress angelina jolie. utterly, res ipsa loquitur. from the title alone, one can draw to a conclusion that the contents are realizations and lessons that the gorgeous erstwhile bad girl has benefited from touring very depressed third-world countries whilst spreading love and doing good deeds. bianca gonzalez said herself, not that we know each other, that the book is a good read. and because i like her taste, i'm going to look it up in bookstores and hopefully get to read it soon.

another quirky, witty book that my hands would love to get a hold of is "eccentric glamour" by simon doonan. fashion is not just about beautiful, trendy clothes, it's about who you are and what you're made of. the book helps women transform themselves into ladies. it gives the low-esteemed that boost of confidence needed to face the world. and best of all, the author elucidates on what proper dressing is. it's one of those books i'd die to place beside my camilla mortons.

"say no to ho and yes to eccentric glamour --- where conformity is the only crime and dressing down is the only fashion faux pas. and the only ones who care if you step out in your idiosyncratic existentialist/gypsy/classic get-up are the deeply insecure, the unclassy snobs and the pitifully narrow-minded. do you really give a hoot on what these three have to say? n-o!"

for the previous days, to beat the monotony, i submitted my self to a movie marathon. i watched disney's bolt and four christmases.

bolt was fun to watch and he's adorable too. however, aside from the minor twists: that being bolt raised to believe that he exists in a world where evil is the green-eyed man pursuing the death of penny (bolt's person, rather, owner) and her dad, it was too predictable. sans the dog's belief in its supernatural powers, it was that movie little kids would really love to dig in. i would have really, really loved it if i were within the toddler-to-prepubescent age group. but aside from my adult pride finding it too predictable and redundant, i like it nonetheless.

hands down to four christmases. it was hilarious and pure entertainment in its simple yet elaborate form. it wasn't that stereotypical movie where a couple would meet each other's crazy families and it would be the reason why a wedge between them is exponentially forming. no. it was different. different in a very realistic way.

successful people of today, and even those who are not, are dead scared of the commitment particularly brought about by marriage. and i can't see why almost everyone isn't. marriage is a hassle hamstring(s)-pulling event, the only kind there is of the marriage are the early ones, raising kids is another mind-blowing, exploding teictonic plate and further, sustaining to keep the family (and the marriage) in unity and harmony is a bumpy struggle. the repercussions of this commitment are no way near easy nor very easy. but the movie surprisingly gave that oomph of "yeah, why not?" that couples and even singles would think to consider. what it is, you'll probably want to find that out for yourself.

but, being the one-tracked me, marriage and bringing up children of my own, deserves only one answer: no. the movie did not make me reconsider my thoughts about the matter. they're pictures i can't bring to paint my self in. situations i'm not planning to delve in.

however, maybe someday someone or something will make me think otherwise. so remember this post. one day you might want to laugh at me and make me eat what i've just said.