Feb 10, 2009

25 Random Things

i've been tagged! --- actually, this was just a week ago.

this is about the highly circulated 25 Random Things, where you write 25 facts about yourself so that people will know more about you. because i am de-stressing at the moment, i am posting 25 random things about me. this is a revised version of my original post.

1. i have a very poor eyesight. my glasses are graded 300 (both eyes) and i only wear them in selected places. i don't wear contacts so when i'm out, i'm half-blind: everything within a 4-meter radius are already blurry.

2. i'm a sucker for dark chocolates. i don't care if it's Goya, as long as it's dark, bring it on! :)

3. i've always wanted to become a doctor, but when i encountered the opportunity face-to-face, i did not take it. simply because i've realized that i can live without becoming a doctor, what i couldn't live through though is not being able to realize my list of "things to achieve before 30".

4. giving birth, getting married and starting a family actually scare me.

5. i am pathologically incapable of absorbing too much attention --- i honestly don't like it. i don't know why.

6. when i was in college, i was too hard on my self thus becoming hard on others.

7. i love indie music :)

8. my first boyfriend turned out to be gay. as in GAY. found out just last year.

9. since i started watching the show Flip This House, i told myself that i will marry Paul Esajian. i'm pathetic, i know. but just a week ago, i discovered he's already engaged. bummer.

10. i enjoy silence.

11. i enjoy watching cartoons, especially Disney's Phineas and Ferb.

12. as a little girl, i sucked my thumb.

13. i can't sleep, study, and write without music passing through my ears.

14. i will be maid-of-honor in my aunt's wedding (this june), it's something i honestly detest. i was hoping for a more discreet, surreptitious role like reader or offerer.

15. when i'm stressed-out, i get noisy, babble and prattle about a lot of things.

16. i want to globe-trot.

17. i cook a lot, and am proud to say that i'm darn good at it.

18. last year, i have been verbally harassed (with threats!). it went on for several months and only stopped a week before graduation, when i finally told my family.

19. when i was younger, every summer the entire family would go on trips to anywhere in the country. my favorite destination: bacolod.

20. every period, i always have dysmenorrhea.

21. i am irritated with people who make wrongly construed possibilities between me and my "chatty mode" buddy.

22. i have a type A personality.

23. i daydream a lot.

24. sometimes, when i'm uberly bored, i wander around aimlessly.

25. i love sleeping. love.