Feb 27, 2009


i have always functioned on the idealogy that no matter where we are in life, we continue to grow. that life is a cycle of learning, unlearning and re-learning. and that this endless circle would manifest itself in various forms. whether it be found in suprises, mundane events, spur-of-the-moment epiphanies, and experiences both glorious and painful.

at the moment, i am experiencing a writer's block. but from now on, i will not allow it to keep me from writing and/or blogging. to paraphrase soon-to-be-uncle steve on his harleys, "just because it's dangerous, doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying."

when i was younger, my parents sent my siblings and i to calligraphy class. every summer, they always send us to whatever summer class they come across with that will help mold us, their children, into 'cultured' individuals. the art of calligraphy encompasses the strokes used to make beautiful, structured letters. it disciplines the hand and the posture.

back then, because i was younger and naive, my aim was always to create near to perfect strokes that i can skip an exercise or two. another aim was to finish early, to spare myself from the rigid position my spine has to endure. to get extra minutes of rest, wander around the outskirts of the garden outside the classroom, and to eat my snack earlier than the others. i never really thought of discipline at that time. but now, i can see what the art of calligraphy has taught me.

in order to finish something, i must endure the entire rigmarole of the process. otherwise, i won't get to the finish line. in calligraphy, when you are to draw a certain word or phrase, once you have started, you must keep going. because if you don't, all you'll see are incomplete strokes --- you'll never get to read anything.

to get something right, i must practice. repeat everything, until i have mastered the skill. and to get something right, the process must be followed. what needs to be done first, must be done. to quote ala:

"in any case, it helps to have open-minded teachers or mentors who push you and encourage your individuality while still maintaining necessary structure. because the best artists aren't really the mercurial, flighty stereotypes we often see in books and movies. they are disciplined individuals who, like athletes, show up on schedule even when they don't feel like it. they stay in shape so that they may have the skills and know-how to translate true inspiration when it strikes."

how do you solve a rubik's cube puzzle?

i know solving one is tricky and even i cannot solve the puzzle as fast as my brother or anybody who's good at it. but the question is, 'how?'. obviously, to solve the rubik's, you need to consider every angle of the cube. because if you disregard even one side, say goodbye to getting the right answer.

when it comes to using the common sense and carrying out initiative, some people, like solving the rubik's, consider different angles. different views through which they come-up with strategies to tackle the puzzle. by this, when plan a fails, they immedately deal with the problem now using plan b. however, some people deal using their first instinct and impression and just that, period. not opening their eyes to the horizon of possibilities. so, when plan a fails, they have to kill time to come-up with plan b. sadly, sometimes, they can't come-up with plan b.

so i told my sister, "when taking the board exam always aim to become a topnotcher, because if you only aim of passing, the next level is failure. if you're fixing your eyes on the top spot and you didn't get it, you'll land with a 'pass'; but if you only make sure of passing and then you don't, you'll end up failing."

no two snowflakes are the same.
no leaf from the same tree possess the same pattern.
ergo, unique as our natures are, we are different from one another.

some want and strive to be part of the flock
some become chameleons to be one of the herd
but, unique as our natures dictate, we are different from one another.

the stripes on the zebra's back are not the same
sycamores grow high but not of the same height
unique as we all are, we are different from each other.

as unique individuals, we all have different takes on things. so, there's no need to push an opinion if you see that the other party is already closed.


here are some of the things that have lingered in my thoughts for the past two weeks.

what is meant by the phrase "life imitating art"? i am always confused by what people try to mean when they spice their statement by infusing this phrase. isn't life in itself already a form of art?

how do you tell the difference between 'judging' and 'saying what you're seeing'?

can you tell the bluff from the truth and the lie from the bluff?

what is the difference between expanding the truth and telling a lie?


lessons from songs.

1) you live, you learn by alanis morissette - you live, you learn. you cry, you learn. you love, you learn. you lose, you learn...

2) life goes on by leann rimes - life goes on, and it's only gonna make you strong. it's a fact, once you get on board, say goodbye 'cause you can't go back...

3) one for the radio by mcfly - we all look the same in the dark...

4) you get what you give by new radicals - we only get what we give...

5) drak blue by jack's mannequin - this flood, this flood is slowly resonant, swallowing the ground beneath my feet. tell me howanybody thinks under this condition? so, slow down. this day's a perfect shade of dark blue ...


in the book "the alchemist" by paulo coelho, santiago stated one of the reasons why he disliked the seminary. what that is, it will be on my next blog.