Feb 9, 2009

my turn

status update: icon is organizing the class seminar, studying for the comprehensive exams, prepping everything for her proposal hearing, making her masters requirements, and chillaxing in between.

it was a hefty list but, *whew* ... hehehehe.

right now, though everything's still a blur, there's direction. and it's all i need to know for me to carry on, move forward - one step at a time, and look for the tunnel's end. things will be all right. i will be all right.

right now, things are moving at a very fast pace. everyday, a new challenge poses itself to be recognized and acted upon. no other choice but to tackle, and tackle them down. at the end of each day, i find myself victorious. i then prepare for the treacherous day that will be. things will be all right. i will be all right.

i wake up with hope. but as the day progresses, this pillar of hope is tested. the pillar is destroyed and crumbles to the ground until the last rubble. WTF?!, sh*t!, crap! --- i curse in my silence. but later on realize that cursing won't do anything to help. so i compose myself and clear my mind. i try to illustrate the theme: "poise under pressure" --- poor theatrics, but i somehow manage. before the day closes, the skies open up. divine intervention. suddenly, things are all right. and i know i'm all right. *whew* *smile* *wink*

we sharpen the pencil to get better results. during the sharpening process, the pencil undergoes a tough time shedding and giving up its layers. it may take quite a while, it may be just a short while. but after the entire rigmarole of sharpening, the pencil stands tall, more beautiful. when you use it, it delivers finer and more precise effects. the pencil from then is much different from the pencil now. it has improved.

the grass lives, it grows. but while existing, the grass is stepped on, crushed, and burned. its redeeming quality: it grows back.

like pencils, we undergo a lot of sharpening. like the grass, we are stepped on, crushed, and burned. we are tested to our limits. like the pencil, we learn to sacrifice as our layers are shed. but, like the grass, we should always persist to grow back. because only in this manner --- only after our sharpening, can we become wiser, more mature and better.

'tis the beauty of life. we learn, unlearn, and relearn.

we are blessed by God to bless others. here is my outstanding nudger for this day:

man is by nature imperfect.
therefore, as mere mortals, we are prone to all kinds and classes of mistakes.
as much as we make right turns, we make wrong ones too.
i have had my share of misdemeanors and unimpressive demeanors.
and all were of varying proportions.
but no matter how i mess up, help always comes.

i got myself a ticket to this humongous sh*t a few months back.
it rained, it darn poured. and it poured damn hard.
further i messed up and slacked.
mistake after every damn mistake piled.
the walls built fast.
taller and taller they grew, thicker and thicker they got.
until i realized there was no possible way out.

but, lo and behold.
help came.
no questions were asked, i was plainly helped.
the walls broke down.
i was saved.
i am blessed.

we make wrong choices, we mess-up; then we pick-up the crap and clean up the mess. the whole process repeats itself. life, after all, is a cycle.

we are blessed by God to bless others. when everything in my life seemed to have no sense, i was helped. no questions were asked. i was not forced to explain my self and my sad behavior. i was, simply, helped.

i am blessed to be blessed. when someone needs help, how can i not? i, too, was once helped. thereby, it is my obligation and privilege to extend the same aid that was given me. no questions. just an extended hand, ready to help rebuild that person's dignity. when you were given the chance, how can you not give others?

it's my turn now :)