Feb 27, 2009


i was supposed to leave for c- after lunch, but i didn't. mother got all dramatic when i refused to go with her on her scheduled trip. i had to give in, because: 1)her birthday's only hours away --- yes, she's getting older, and 2)she's my mum --- i really can't deprive her of such a wee request. it was settled then, i was to go with her friday morning.

i came home to rejuvenate and contemplate. to gain a few pounds in preparation for the chaotic marathon of the weeks to come. also, to be physically present on my best friend's birthday and to talk, whine and rant about the downhill path i recently took. unfortunately, i wasn't able to meet-up with her. certain events and hectic unexpected schedules came in between and destroyed "my plans". however things turned out, i wan't pissed. i figured i'm still going to see my best friend in just a few more weeks, so why push? hehehehe.

monday. i arrived around 8:00 am. ate breakfast and was told that we were going to lola's after lunch with momy denz and her husband. it suited me very well. i was already thinking of going back tuesday. after all, going to lola's --- my place of zen --- was my ultimate purpose for coming home. but then, everybody needed my services so, no, i can't leave tuesday. all right-y then :)

tuesday. first stop to tita liza's. i was hoping that i can persuade her to re-do my gown. but things came the other way around. she convinced me that i won't look hideous (of course, i need to lose weight), so i agreed --- i'm scared though. then we went to see the town florist. mum said they are known and was the town favorite. when we got there, the flowers were all good and i thought looking for another option would be of no use anymore. the owner wasn't around so the employee just showed us pictures of their arrangements. voila! i was underwhelmed --- not that my opinion was highly regarded and sought-for. it was okay, i just thought the general effect was over-the-top making the look really tacky.

wednesday. we went to abuyog to see lolo. nothing much though. the only tiny surpirse was seeing my very old grandfather wearing longsleeves, slacks and formal shoes. i was worried that his entire wardrobe was robbed empty by the family of his gold-digging partner, who recently talked him into selling some of his properties. glad i was just a teensy bit wrong. ash wednesday and we got our foreheads marked.

this is how i spent my short vaca-of-sorts.