Mar 2, 2009


just random things.

last sunday, my thesis adviser raised a lot --- and i mean a LOT --- of comments and suggestions to improve my thesis draft in preparation for next monday's scheduled oral proposal. i really thought i won't get everything done before she leaves for a business trip tomorrow. the list was hefty and for someone like me who allows procrastination mode whenever the feeling strikes, just by looking at my adviser's scribbles and materializing them seems to consume a rough 48 years. but, i did it! and i'm soooooo thankful and proud of this little achievement. wait, i think my statements are scattered and incomprehensible, but you do get it right? hehehehe. (i don't feel like restating them kasi, i'm too lazy to do basic editing right now - not that i'm good at it, hehehe)

anyway, isn't it great to be relieved from something bugging you for several days? suddenly it feels like it's been weeks since i've inhaled fresh air. today was another exasperating-yet-charming experience. relaxing. freeing.


my sister mentioned this new net cafe she goes to whenever she feels like playing facebook pet society and other online computer games. the computers don't hang daw, even if everyone is playing online games. since it's just a few minutes walk outside the university belt, i decided to head there and check it out. wala lang. i went inside, and this boy about 12-15 years old left his computer and approached the counter. i searched the place for the person-in-charge, but i saw no one. so i asked the boy who i was to inquire if i wanted to use a computer. his reply shocked me: "ako, te" ("me"). i thought maybe the boy has no class. but who was i kidding? it was monday morning and obviously, the city and the country isn't celebrating any kind of holiday that would send students home.

i know child labor exists like a pandemic disease, but is it that rampant that even owners of computer cafes thoughtlessly have their children man the business instead of having and forcing them to attend school? --- come on!

God spare me from the harsh realities this world is welcoming and presenting.


reverting my conscious to more happy thoughts ...

i will be receiving my hard-earned, okay, not-so-hard-earned masters diploma hopefully this may. fingers crossed still :)

a few more months to go and i will be putting my skills and competencies to the test. i am anticipating for the fun learning, shitty days and crappy insults --- no pun intended. i really am looking forward to them.

i have been saying this over and over, and i here i go again: i am so blessed.