Mar 3, 2009

crush ignored me

i was supposed to write about this yesterday, but, certain important and unimportant things sidetracked me.

without a doubt, i will be laughed at and maybe even ridiculed. if my friends, siblings and cousins would happen to as by far, get a clue, i might as well welcome doomsday.

my crush ignored me. well, sort of. well this crush is unlike the many other crushes i have. weirdly enough, my "attraction" for him occurs sporadically. i don't know why, it just is.

what happened? i was silently enjoying every bite of my brunch when crush came, out of nowhere, and said, "hi! let's eat." he was with a friend so the thought of him sharing a table with me was squished. this is one of those days where i regret being a slow-eater. because of my momentary snail-paced eating reflexes, crush and his friend finished ahead even if they just came in. gah. on their way out, he just passed by --- no good-byes, no words, no nothing. he ignored me.

was i upset? no. not at all. the getting ignored part didn't get to me. however, it sent me exponential pictures-with-peculiar-reasons flashbacks. sh**. actually, crush and i had this unpicturesque history. hehehehe. i say no more *wink*.


because i am blogging already of a very nonsensical matter, i'd like to share a little something i found in my class-notebook-cum-journal some days ago. it was written on the 8th of february 2009. this is about one of those crushes who have the usual one-week life span.

pathetic mode.

impulse is bad.

i just had this spur-of-the-moment realization: i am liking this guy who i haven't even talked to ... he knows me, i know him, and that's about it. i'm silly, i know. pathetic.

it's like high school all over again --- the part where you have boy crushes who aren't even all that. the crushes who're not really your type but you just happen to like them.

God, i am in my pathetic mode.

darn friggin' valentine's month.

my head is throbbing from the messy combination of physical, psychological and emotional stress from class requirements and other etceteras.

dang, i can't get him put of my mind. every time i whack him away, he keeps coming back like a pesky weed determined to destroy my garden of zen.

and who is he? that's a little secret i'll never tell.


that's all, hehehehe :)