Mar 27, 2009


It is a sad, worrying reality that people, even professionals, fail to bear propriety. Of course, an aspect with which they, and perhaps everybody, are utterly expected of. Whenever I get in contact with situations with the matter of social graces and manners in an unimpressive demeanor, I begin to ask questions like: “What is wrong with the concerned?” “What is happening to the world?” and “Have people gone mad or something?” --- Just little, trivial queries that would ultimately lead me into doubting what a person can authentically bring to the table.

Needless to say, my parents are big on good manners and right conduct. They are keen on this stuff that whenever anyone in the family or in the close circle of friends is confronted with a display of open arrogance, the story becomes a cool topic over dinner. And with the story, comes the morale that my siblings and I unconsciously pick-up.

The workplace is one area in our lives where meeting people who are absolutely sure of publicly exhibiting messages with contents of contemptuous pride are inevitable. I have had my own share of the cake and dealing with them is moderately easy for me, given the factual bile that I say what I want to say --- directly in the person’s face. However, there are certain people who are incapable of doing what I do; moreover, just don’t deserve to be treated with whatever degree of reproach there exists.

Very recently, my mother shared yet another disastrous story of one of her colleagues. I have come to know the darker side of her personality from the various encounters my mum and other people have had with her. And just by looking at her and picking-up her energy and aura, the tittle-tattle can be validated. Or, to put it in a different light, her energy fields dictate that the tendencies of her doing such atrocities are dispersed in a very broad horizon.

Usually, I don’t meddle with battles that are not mine. When I feel strongly for a very unjust occurrence, it’s either I speak my mind to people on the good side or write about it, all in the purpose of trying to substantiate my point of view and whatever emotional uptakes I have fostered. You may not get this, but just allow my prattling tell you what my point is. With that said, here is my argument.

There is a very thin line that separates an educated individual from a learned one. When we go to school and receive the benefit of any degree of education, then we are considered educated. It doesn’t matter if it’s high school, college or whatever, as long as we have exercised that privilege we are entitled to be called educated, hence the phrase “level of education” or “educational background”. A learned individual, on the other hand, is someone embodying the air of knowledge and refinement. And by this, we mean people who do not represent impropriety.

Although all of us are born sans morals and values, certainly our family has taught us such. And much certainly, we go to school --- a place that upholds and imbues good manners and right conduct. Therefore it is right for me to say, that, everyone has the know-how on how to extend GMRC. But then again, as was said earlier, it is unfortunate that even highly educated people do not bear such decorum, or even try thereof.

Conceit will not take people to any ladder whether in the society or in the profession. This vanity is what makes people go down the drain faster. Owning that air of superiority which is utterly and absurdly wrong is the real reason behind why some spend their whole lives trying to realize their ambition and die without even getting a meter close. Just because you think you’re good, it doesn’t mean that you are actually. And just because you think that you’re all that, it does not give you the ticket to belittle and undermine people. De facto, even if you really are good at what you’re doing, that ticket is something you do not, can not and will not earn.

To whoever might be struck by my statements, here’s a teeny message: But if you are as abominable as to think that you are high and mighty, if you are so sure of yourself that decrying others is something you see as admissible, do make sure that your loopholes are inconspicuous enough for silent prying eyes not to notice.

Acting like an uberly important high horse will not fish-out any compliments, let alone respect from the people around. There are real people out there who are much better than us at what we do and this fact is enough to make everybody grounded. Thinking highly of one’s self is one ridiculous step to becoming a complete fiasco. And what this teaches us: Always keep a good head screwed on our shoulders.