Mar 5, 2009


yes people, it's poker and me :)

some of my friends are self-confessed addicts. some have withdrawn from the addiction. some were not able to survive the super tricky and sneaky process that begins with gradual tapering until complete abstinence. some were victorious in moderating their game. and having been a witness to all of these, i promised that i would not allow my self to become one of them.

people have been teaching me how to play, so i know the basics. yet the game never got my attention glued to it --- it was something i was very proud of. it was my poker statement of pride.

i vowed i wouldn't have myself enlisted in the bandwagon. i promisED --- with a capitalized past tense suffix. but no matter how i resisted, i am, petty and lame as it sounds, a rock-solid testimony to the cliched saying, "promises are meant to be broken" *sigh*. i am hooked.

BUT, being hooked doesn't mean that i'm addicted.

to modify my poker statement of pride: i am hooked to poker but it is not distracting me from my priorities. it still remains a game, a leisure. my top priority is still winning. winning in my life's race, not in the bouts of my poker game.

let the games begin!