Mar 13, 2009


this might sound a little defensive, and maybe i am. but this absurb, lame and petty hysteria has got to stop already.

every once in a while we meet people, we see people whom we have come to like, idolize and look up to. and eventually, we place them on pedestals. it's a pretty normal reflex, but sometimes, most of the time, this little gesture foreshadows reality. because we have blindly placed these noteworthy people in a paramount, we tend to forget that they are still human beings. normal, breathing mortals who have all the tendencies of making mistakes and doing not-to-be-idolized stuff like we all do.

as i have been looking at the websites i frequently visit, i have come across pictures of twilight stars in the set of their upcoming movie, new moon, in vancouver. unfortunately, these pictures reflected the stars smoking. the pictures are okay. they really are. what isn't are the people making a very big fuss over them and the teeny little expose that they actually do smoke.

so they smoke. what exactly is wrong with that? what is the hype all about?

come on, just because they smoke, doesn't mean they're friggin' smoking addicts.

everybody has a way of coping with stress, of relaxing and settling nerves. and maybe smoking is their outlet --- just like me and my friends. but again, just because we have the same denominator, smoking, it does not mean i smoke frequently.

i know little girls look up to them since they've all become a huge hit when the bestseller had an equally big film adaptation. but really, they're still, like us, imperfect souls. they have loopholes.

i think they know the repercussions of their acts. they're old and intelligent enough to know the detrimental sum of what too much smoking can do. just let them be.

there is a reason, clearly or ambiguously, why people do things.