Apr 29, 2009


one fine afternoon my masters frets and i went to banilad to have fun --- paintball!

we split into two teams. my team, the green team composed of nylrad, chavs, and mia

on the black team were jom, melai, shebangs and elle


shoulder down! shoulder down! let the games begin!


jom and shebangs ...

melai's target: chavs

elle covering melai's back

me on the look out for jom :)

chavs: where's jom?!
me: he's here, he's here ... my side!

me protecting the base

mia moving forward ... trying to cross enemy lines

fire !

and the winning team emerges from the smoke and chaos of the battlegrounds

we won!!! woohoo!!!

awesome game everyone! 'til next time!


gotta love paintball!

Apr 27, 2009

*no words*

i am beyond words. here is the link to austin kleon's site where my shout-out can be found.
you can also copy and paste this one:


wow. though little, this is something for me. wow ... i am dumbfounded. i mean, W-O-W.

if you're too lazy to go check out the link, here is what the page looks like: (scroll further down and look for my name --- so happy ;p)

hearing about / a nightmare / is a secret / we should have the right / to decline

This is poem 25 out of 30 for International Newspaper Blackout Poetry Month.

SHOUT-OUT! goes to Icon Maico who blogged about the poems and then tried one of her own. Awesome!

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Apr 25, 2009

my newspaper blackout poem

(please click on photo to enlarge)

this is what i was able to conjure for my first newspaper blackout poem. last night, i got so excited that only a few hours after declaring my desire to participate in the project, i found myself choosing words from a certain article and blacking-out the unselected ones eventually producing what i call "Heart of an Athlete."

i am still stunned at this little achievement of mine. never have i thought myself capable of such art. but the most important thing is, i had loads of fun. the experience was one i would never forget, and definitely one i would share to my friends. thank you, austin kleon for this wonderful idea.

"Heart of an Athlete"

Love for conquests comes a lesson:
You feel good, confident yourself ---
That craft is art.

Practice perfect despite the black of night.
Subtlety gives sense
Only strong, ready eyes keep interest.


Apr 24, 2009

newspaper blackout poetry

because i really want to become a good writer, i will be participating in austin kleon's newspaper blackout poems.

i still don't know if the stuff i come up with are worth posting here, let alone in mr. kleon's site. but, i won't allow myself to be defeated without even playing the game. nevertheless, i know it will be a fun, worth it and an out of the ordinary learning experience for me.

why don't you join? visit www.austinkleon.com (link found on the left side of this page), and let's see what we are able to make in our attempt to push our lyrical propensities through this tricky visual artistry. it's going to be awesome! :)

Apr 22, 2009

repeated experiences

we paint our own happiness and conversely, unhappiness.

sometimes we cannot bring ourselves to wholly comprehend why some people totally blame their surroundings for the unfortunate turn of events in their lives. although it is true that both internal and external factors in a person's life always have a say in every circumstance one experiences, everything in life is a choice. everyone is smacked with options.

clearly enough, we are not humans who never fail to make the right turn. but the thing is --- whether we admit it or not --- we try to learn from the numerous repercussions of our decisions, remote and recent pasts alike. it may sound goody-goody, but it is also a known fact that unconsciously or otherwise, in as much as we learn from our mistakes, we try to look at others' and learn from them as well. but then again, there are certain occurences of which morales we presumed to have stuck with us only to find ourselves trapped in the same situation again. "history repeats itself", "deja vu" --- whatever the proper term there is for it, it happens. and it happens a lot.

when we find ourselves caught in this peculiar web, the question now is that, will we make exactly the same move as before? will the refusal to change course lead us to a different track? will putting forward the same pawns break this familiar cycle of fate?

like it or not, the answer is a big no.

repeated experiences only have one and only one aim: to teach us what we don't want to learn. the one consolation we take comfort in is in knowing that we are gifted with reason and free will. hand in hand, they define the consequences that could either chain us down or give us freedom. and we are given this knowledge for us to choose the better, if not the best option.

Apr 21, 2009

something shopaholics might want to know

Bonjour! I write this thinking that this might be a subject of interest for my fellow shopaholics.

“With a surge of excitement I hurry toward the Barkers Centre. I won’t go mad, I promise myself. Just one little treat to see me through. I’ve already got my cardigan --- so not clothes … and I bought some new kitten heels the other day --- so not that … although there are some nice Prada-type shoes in Hobbs … Hmmm. I’m not sure.
I arrive at the cosmetics department of Barkers and suddenly I know. Makeup! That’s what I need. A new mascara and maybe a new lipstick…”

-Rebecca Bloomwood, Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Shopping, who doesn’t love shopping? Every girl’s mind run a tad wild the moment they enter the mall, and why not? Shopping is simply a joy. It makes one feel great; and when the gloom sinks in, shopping chases the woes away.

If you’re a fan of the Tyra show, you’ve probably seen the episode on compulsive shoppers. If you missed it, then, did you know that some have been divorced and others tried in court for the crime of excessive shopping?

Well, basically, shopping is not a crime and so is excessive shopping. The root of the catch lies in the reality that some people shop way beyond their means. Just like emotional eaters, some, if not most women turn to shopping to temporarily evade anything and everything that stresses them. However not all have the resources to pay for this stress-buster, and this is where the delinquency begins.

Rewinding a little bit to the part where people resort into shopping to treat pressure --- this is called retail therapy. Its history dates back to Christmas Eve of 1986 where a sentence in the Chicago Tribune read, “We’ve become a nation measuring out our lives in shopping bags and nursing our psychic ills through retail therapy.”

Here’s more history. In the late 1800s, German and Swiss psychiatrists by the names of Emil Kraepelin and Eugen Bleuler formed the theory of shopping addiction or compulsive shopping, otherwise known in the 21st century as shopaholism. Of course this concept has symptoms, but the pathognomonic sign is this: the irrepressible and unmanageable desire to shop. Kraepelin came up with the word “oniomania” which is Greek in origin, “onios” which means “for sale” and “mania” meaning “insanity”. At the moment, only the Deutsche Gesellshcaft Zwangserkrankungen, has recognized oniomania as a psychiatric disorder.

Oniomania for the most part hits people who are emotionally unstable or who get easily depressed. These people fall back on shopping especially when subjected to trickles of off-putting sentiments. So, off they go to hinterlands of shopping precincts.

More facts are these. Serotonin, a brain chemical, as all of us in the medical and paramedical arena know, has something to do with mood and its control. Shopping or the act of it, according to psychiatrists, causes an increase in serotonin levels. In depression, serotonin is low; therefore shopping is a way of stabilizing the mood. A psychiatrist at the Stanford Medical School, Lorin M. Koran says, “The point of the buying is not to have, but to enjoy the pleasures of shopping.”

While inside the edifice of expenditures, an air of high is felt as the compulsive shopper frolics and wounds around in the stalls of commodities. The aim of evading the sense of doom is accomplished but sadly, shortly after exiting paradise, a rebound is experienced. The positive spirit wanes and is then replaced by gloom. Because of the refusal and intolerance to feel stressed, the oniomaniac then goes back and embark in another shopping bout. The cycle repeats. And mind you, this is not wholly exclusive to the female species; reports and statistics claim that men have also fallen into prey.

What are the buys, you may ask. Well, it’s a mixture of necessary and a majority of unnecessary etceteras. However the upshot of compulsive shopping is not as delightful as purchasing sounds. As the cases in the Tyra show revealed: deep debts, mammoth credit card debits, separation and/or divorce, economic failure, and even theft; while some have opted a rather tragic end: suicide.

Was our heroine, Becky Bloomwood an oniomaniac? I’m not at all sure. The thing is, she recovered and got back on her feet. There is nothing wrong about being a shopaholic and stress-shopping, as long as we keep ourselves in check. Knowing this stuff helps in taming and moderating the inevitable hobby of every girl, shopping. Knowing keeps us grounded.

Au revoir, fellow shopaholics! ‘Til the next shopping spree!

Apr 19, 2009

random things

i don't know why but these past few months, i cannot, for the life of me, bring myself to write something quirky. or maybe i have, but didn't recognize as such. but the point is, what i'm writing (and blogging) nowadays are all gloomy and they don't do so much other than bring me deeper into sullen-ness. it's quite odd and i want to do otherwise by starting now.

i am not in my writing mode but as it occurs, i am breaking a leg, pulling a tooth just to come up with at least a readable one. here are random things about how my recent days went.

1) i went to school to meet my statistician for the first time. we exchanged messages the day before since i had to give him a little insight about my theses. all the time i imagined him as old (okay, at least 10 years older than i am), slightly not lean, and married with early signs of patterned baldness. yes, yes, i am fairly perceptive and sometimes with a wee trace of cruelty. the morning of, i saw my cellphone receiving calls from him, but of course he can't come through. my cellphone has been programmed to automatically reject calls that are not from family and selected friends, sadly (sony ericsson phones have that feature). so anyway, i sent a message telling him i'm in the office already. minutes later, a cute guy entered and talked to the personnel in the front desk. he approached me, and i prepared myself to answer whatever school-related questions he would likely throw --- he might be a fellow student or something. but no, i was wrong. he approached me because he was my statistician. teehee. we talked for a while, and it was evident enough that i was dumbfounded, as i stuttered and racked my brain for something cool enough to say. my imaginary statistician is exactly the opposite of the real one. i am such a dork.

2) one relatively boring afternoon, i paid fully-booked a visit in the hopes of finding a good read, notwithstanding the fact that i was still in no mood for reading. i found a philosophy book by a.c. grayling and eventually decided that i had to take it home. just as i was about to pay, i saw nice journals. they attracted my sight so much that i paused and picked one up. i fell in love with it. but, i was running out of cash so i put it down. i thought my brain would just let it pass --- you know, move on and just forget about it. unfortunately when i got back to the pad, i couldn't bring myself to not think about it. boohoo. so i went back a few days after and bought it. for some journal, it's pricey. my only consolation lies in the fact that i'm going to fill its pages with my clumsy scrawl and scattered thoughts.

this is my friend kit. taken last year at fully-booked ayala center terraces (cebu) after a dinner out.

this not the exact journal that i bought. i don't even know why i placed the picture here. but it is a journal, hehehe.

3) last night, i was trying my hand at speaking tagalog. haha i suck. my sister even told me that it was a hopeless, poor attempt. haha loser mode.

4) because of my aunt's upcoming wedding --- my impending doom, i was practically told by everyone i know that i have to return to my previous size which is a one; i need to lose weight a.s.a.p. what with my midgetness, i really have to. i just started dieting, i know, poor me. but because of the stress i am experiencing i stress-binged, along with the stress-cleaning (the bathroom this time), stress-smoking, and stress-shopping. but just this morning, i realized that i have to build a bridge and get over the woe-is-me mood. as giacomo casanova said "depression ingests..."

5) i need a good laugh, who doesn't? i searched the net for some crack-up photos but could find none. instead i found these cool pictures, and i love them.

when i get married, my wedding cake should have this design. it's fun!

i should get one for the pad, i wonder how much it costs hehehehe ;p

have a good day ahead! :)

Apr 14, 2009

facebook quizzes

i like facebook more than friendster. facebook offers a lot: games, quizzes and a very broad array of applications for users to enjoy. lately i am hooked to the different personality quizzes that my friends have tagged me in. one of the numerous reasons why i like tests as such is their uncanny ability to deliver results mostly 95% true. in random order, these are my favorites:

1) which decade are you?

1940s Glamorous Revolutionary


You are quite the glamorous revolutionary! You have a sense of pride in everything that you take on, whether it's filling in to do a man's job during wartime or raise your daughters to step up to the challenge of helping to establish women's rights, you take things head on! You are a hard worker and are always looking out for others. Your style centers around clean lines and timeless designs. Women in the 40s had the same sense of pride in their bodies and dressed in a way that accentuated their figures! You are not one to stand by and let things happen to you, you go after what you want and you are respected and admired for it!

2) which historical female figure are you?


The reign of Queen Elizabeth I is often referred to as The Golden Age of English history. Elizabeth was an immensely popular Queen, and her popularity has waned little with the passing of four hundred years. Elizabeth was the daughter of King Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Her mother failed to provide the King with a son and was executed on false charges of incest and adultery on 19 May 1536. Elizabeth was crowned Queen on Sunday 15th January 1559 and soon re-established the Protestant Church in England. Though proposals of marriage flooded in, Elizabeth never married. The only serious contendor for her hand was Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester. Elizabeth was dedicated to her country in a way few monarchs had been or have been since. She had the mind of a political genius and nurtured her country through careful leadership. In appearance she was extravagant, in behavior sometimes flippant and frivolous, but her approach to politics was serious, conservative, and cautious. When she ascended the throne in 1558, England was an impoverished country torn apart by religious squabbles. When she died at Richmond Palace on the 24th March 1603, England was one of the most powerful and prosperous countries in the world.

3) which house,md character are you?

You are House

Dangerously observant, highly self-confident with incredibly smart wits to match. You do what you want, when you because you felt like it - and occasionally save a life. Although you have no beliefs in the "supernatural" you're hyper passionate about the human race, and have a higher sense of morals than your counter parts would care to believe. It may all sound good, but because you live life on the edge, you're often found partying alone.

4) what are you born to do?

best at everything
you are the social person who make usefull contacts. you introduce important people to influencial people and always reap some sort of reward as a result...but you dont enjoy the spotlight as much. you prefer to stay in the back as there is more room to strech and you like the feeling that you are the one with the power and most of the time that is true... you will do well in almost anyfield you know how to flater without being to obivous and you can make just about anyone like you.

5) what type of shoe defines you?
  • You are defined by Chanels
    You are chic and elegant, and you do everything with great style and grace. You are the little black dress that will forever remain in style, you are a true classic!

it's really fun. you should try it! ;p

Apr 10, 2009

my lenten special

Lent is my least favorite time of the year. Although this Catholic celebration reminds us of Jesus dying on the cross to save mankind from going straight into hell and though this is the time where massive sacrifice, penitence, repentance and forgiveness is witnessed, the air of sadness it brings just doesn’t delight me. Everybody gives an uber negative light into the occasion, and this kind of impression has made me dread the season ever since I was little. I have nothing against the fasting and every kind of traditional ritual that come with Lent --- I appreciate and have lived with them, it’s just that the people around make it sound awfully sad. Awfully sad.

The family and two close family friends spent Good Friday at Hermitage. During the Last 7 Words, I tried so hard to focus and listen but my human frailties overpowered me. Glued to a not-so-comfortable seat, the horrid weather and humidity had me several times lured into sleep. Honestly, as I am writing this, I keep hearing the call of my bed urging me to retire from the day’s work --- okay, forget the bed. But regardless the constant temptation that kept me so distracted the whole afternoon, my brain was able to absorb a few lessons. And just when I thought my childlike ability to recognize daily miracles has taken a vacation, it sprouts out like some startled wild mushroom amidst my woozy state.

From his sermon, the priest said that everyone is good since we are made from the goodness of God. People sin neither because we are born with sin nor we are, by nature, evil. It is because in everything we do or attempt to do, the devil is always there ready to befuddle us. Temptation presents itself in the grandest and most attractive ways possible that it appeals palatable to mere mortals, making us even more vulnerable to choose the present wrapped in the shiny gift wrapper rather than the simple, unappealing option. There are cases when people known to be good are able to commit shameless acts, this proves that even they who try hard to live up the Christian life are very much prone to fall prey and cross over the dark side. If people as such are susceptible to, how much more others like my self. Actually, there are many debatable sides to this particular teaching like the gift of free will for instance; however, what’s taken into consideration is only one side --- this side of the cube and not the entirety of the Rubik’s puzzle. Going back to the sermon; with everything said, I’d like to quote first an old saying, “The devil is in the detail.” Second, paraphrasing from Harry Potter’s Sirius Black, “The world is not divided into good and evil … it is the matter of what part one chooses to act upon.” And lastly, from the song Affirmation by Savage Garden, “I believe that junk food tastes so good because it’s bad for you…”

This season is also as good an excuse for quality family time, this is by far the second best part of Lent. The bonus time the family gets is converted into good family discussion. No one is in a rush to attend to their jobs; no one has an excuse to study for an upcoming exam. Just the handful of time and warm talks.

For this year, my parents gave us important notes on finding better halves and getting married. What brought this on is a very recent experience on a particular couple who have been the sore thumb of everyone concerning the close circle of family friends. The story is quite long but to make things short and straight: couple against the world, early pregnancy, immediate wedding; irresponsible, slothful, egotistical, unemployed husband, covering wife … ungrateful daughter and son-in-law. Extensive list, but that is the general picture. So anyway, this is what the sad, sad situation made me vow: there is NO way I am allowing myself to be tied up in marriage to someone who cannot provide me with the same love, comfort and security my parents have given me. Also, prospects should be like my father who possess the three P's: provider, pastor and protector. And I am constantly praying to God that when my times comes, I will not be able to eat these words of promise.

Though some are boringly rehatched from previous posts, I'd like to share some of my Lenten contemplations:

1) I am blessed to have my forever-loving parents; my family and our friends.
2) The reason why God placed the brain on top of every body part is for us to 1) think before we act, and 2) think before we allow our hearts to control us.
3) There is a reason for everything.
4) We paint our own misery.
5) Destiny is a lame excuse for letting things happen rather than making them happen.

I cannot recall precisely everything that has happened over Lent and the dozens of wonderful things I've realized in this blog. But though I still think it is a sad Catholic season, it does not cease to touch my heart and open my mind to more of the good things I am always blessed with. The most important thing that Lent reminds me of is the truth that I am special in the eyes of God; that even though I am an unworthy Christian, an imperfect, sinful mortal, still He loves me and wants me to be in heaven and share paradise with Him and the good people He has blessed me with: family and friends :)

Apr 2, 2009

lesson from the bachelor

The unpicked girl allowed too much confidence and the strong bond between her and the bachelor to take over that at a moment, she forgot about the reality that there were two of them vying for the heart of a man they barely know. I really think she soared a little bit; that she got complacent.

In life, most of the time, we rely too much on what we have, what we know and what we can do that we become too lax. Too eased-up that we forget that there are still a lot more we need to see, know and go through. Sometimes we feel that there is no need for any ameliorating because there’s no game, no competition. And for this reason, we get jammed in a muddle of doldrums. But the truth is: everyday we compete. We race for our life, we contest for our career. But life is neither a prairie nor a flat surface, it is a ladder. It is a pecking order that necessitates us to take a step one day at a time to reach the top. We may need to take a step backward or forward, the important thing is: with that step, we need to learn. We need to learn, to grow.

Being stuck in one plateau, staying in comfort zones and being too much gratified will never permit improvement. Let this be our cue to see each day as a learning experience and grab every learning opportunity there is. Socrates said, “Those who know are those who know that they do not know.”