Apr 2, 2009

lesson from the bachelor

The unpicked girl allowed too much confidence and the strong bond between her and the bachelor to take over that at a moment, she forgot about the reality that there were two of them vying for the heart of a man they barely know. I really think she soared a little bit; that she got complacent.

In life, most of the time, we rely too much on what we have, what we know and what we can do that we become too lax. Too eased-up that we forget that there are still a lot more we need to see, know and go through. Sometimes we feel that there is no need for any ameliorating because there’s no game, no competition. And for this reason, we get jammed in a muddle of doldrums. But the truth is: everyday we compete. We race for our life, we contest for our career. But life is neither a prairie nor a flat surface, it is a ladder. It is a pecking order that necessitates us to take a step one day at a time to reach the top. We may need to take a step backward or forward, the important thing is: with that step, we need to learn. We need to learn, to grow.

Being stuck in one plateau, staying in comfort zones and being too much gratified will never permit improvement. Let this be our cue to see each day as a learning experience and grab every learning opportunity there is. Socrates said, “Those who know are those who know that they do not know.”