Apr 25, 2009

my newspaper blackout poem

(please click on photo to enlarge)

this is what i was able to conjure for my first newspaper blackout poem. last night, i got so excited that only a few hours after declaring my desire to participate in the project, i found myself choosing words from a certain article and blacking-out the unselected ones eventually producing what i call "Heart of an Athlete."

i am still stunned at this little achievement of mine. never have i thought myself capable of such art. but the most important thing is, i had loads of fun. the experience was one i would never forget, and definitely one i would share to my friends. thank you, austin kleon for this wonderful idea.

"Heart of an Athlete"

Love for conquests comes a lesson:
You feel good, confident yourself ---
That craft is art.

Practice perfect despite the black of night.
Subtlety gives sense
Only strong, ready eyes keep interest.