Apr 29, 2009


one fine afternoon my masters frets and i went to banilad to have fun --- paintball!

we split into two teams. my team, the green team composed of nylrad, chavs, and mia

on the black team were jom, melai, shebangs and elle


shoulder down! shoulder down! let the games begin!


jom and shebangs ...

melai's target: chavs

elle covering melai's back

me on the look out for jom :)

chavs: where's jom?!
me: he's here, he's here ... my side!

me protecting the base

mia moving forward ... trying to cross enemy lines

fire !

and the winning team emerges from the smoke and chaos of the battlegrounds

we won!!! woohoo!!!

awesome game everyone! 'til next time!


gotta love paintball!