Apr 19, 2009

random things

i don't know why but these past few months, i cannot, for the life of me, bring myself to write something quirky. or maybe i have, but didn't recognize as such. but the point is, what i'm writing (and blogging) nowadays are all gloomy and they don't do so much other than bring me deeper into sullen-ness. it's quite odd and i want to do otherwise by starting now.

i am not in my writing mode but as it occurs, i am breaking a leg, pulling a tooth just to come up with at least a readable one. here are random things about how my recent days went.

1) i went to school to meet my statistician for the first time. we exchanged messages the day before since i had to give him a little insight about my theses. all the time i imagined him as old (okay, at least 10 years older than i am), slightly not lean, and married with early signs of patterned baldness. yes, yes, i am fairly perceptive and sometimes with a wee trace of cruelty. the morning of, i saw my cellphone receiving calls from him, but of course he can't come through. my cellphone has been programmed to automatically reject calls that are not from family and selected friends, sadly (sony ericsson phones have that feature). so anyway, i sent a message telling him i'm in the office already. minutes later, a cute guy entered and talked to the personnel in the front desk. he approached me, and i prepared myself to answer whatever school-related questions he would likely throw --- he might be a fellow student or something. but no, i was wrong. he approached me because he was my statistician. teehee. we talked for a while, and it was evident enough that i was dumbfounded, as i stuttered and racked my brain for something cool enough to say. my imaginary statistician is exactly the opposite of the real one. i am such a dork.

2) one relatively boring afternoon, i paid fully-booked a visit in the hopes of finding a good read, notwithstanding the fact that i was still in no mood for reading. i found a philosophy book by a.c. grayling and eventually decided that i had to take it home. just as i was about to pay, i saw nice journals. they attracted my sight so much that i paused and picked one up. i fell in love with it. but, i was running out of cash so i put it down. i thought my brain would just let it pass --- you know, move on and just forget about it. unfortunately when i got back to the pad, i couldn't bring myself to not think about it. boohoo. so i went back a few days after and bought it. for some journal, it's pricey. my only consolation lies in the fact that i'm going to fill its pages with my clumsy scrawl and scattered thoughts.

this is my friend kit. taken last year at fully-booked ayala center terraces (cebu) after a dinner out.

this not the exact journal that i bought. i don't even know why i placed the picture here. but it is a journal, hehehe.

3) last night, i was trying my hand at speaking tagalog. haha i suck. my sister even told me that it was a hopeless, poor attempt. haha loser mode.

4) because of my aunt's upcoming wedding --- my impending doom, i was practically told by everyone i know that i have to return to my previous size which is a one; i need to lose weight a.s.a.p. what with my midgetness, i really have to. i just started dieting, i know, poor me. but because of the stress i am experiencing i stress-binged, along with the stress-cleaning (the bathroom this time), stress-smoking, and stress-shopping. but just this morning, i realized that i have to build a bridge and get over the woe-is-me mood. as giacomo casanova said "depression ingests..."

5) i need a good laugh, who doesn't? i searched the net for some crack-up photos but could find none. instead i found these cool pictures, and i love them.

when i get married, my wedding cake should have this design. it's fun!

i should get one for the pad, i wonder how much it costs hehehehe ;p

have a good day ahead! :)