Apr 22, 2009

repeated experiences

we paint our own happiness and conversely, unhappiness.

sometimes we cannot bring ourselves to wholly comprehend why some people totally blame their surroundings for the unfortunate turn of events in their lives. although it is true that both internal and external factors in a person's life always have a say in every circumstance one experiences, everything in life is a choice. everyone is smacked with options.

clearly enough, we are not humans who never fail to make the right turn. but the thing is --- whether we admit it or not --- we try to learn from the numerous repercussions of our decisions, remote and recent pasts alike. it may sound goody-goody, but it is also a known fact that unconsciously or otherwise, in as much as we learn from our mistakes, we try to look at others' and learn from them as well. but then again, there are certain occurences of which morales we presumed to have stuck with us only to find ourselves trapped in the same situation again. "history repeats itself", "deja vu" --- whatever the proper term there is for it, it happens. and it happens a lot.

when we find ourselves caught in this peculiar web, the question now is that, will we make exactly the same move as before? will the refusal to change course lead us to a different track? will putting forward the same pawns break this familiar cycle of fate?

like it or not, the answer is a big no.

repeated experiences only have one and only one aim: to teach us what we don't want to learn. the one consolation we take comfort in is in knowing that we are gifted with reason and free will. hand in hand, they define the consequences that could either chain us down or give us freedom. and we are given this knowledge for us to choose the better, if not the best option.