May 1, 2009

are you getting me?

A few days back, the person I gave a photo comment in Facebook got the wrong end of the stick, so I had to reduce everything into its simplest form and even had to translate it into vernacular --- as if I’m very, very good at it --- just to clear things up. This is the third time for me to be in this particular instance, and because I don’t want the numbers to add up, I’ve decided that this very recent incident would be the last. And I hope and pray that it will be.

One lesson I really need to learn: having the opportunity to speak doesn’t guarantee the privilege to be understood. Sad, but true.

Point to ponder #1: When communicating with people whose English is a bit shaky, hesitate and always keep in mind that making use of only the basic S-V agreement helps a lot. Tweaking and flourishing statements, let alone injecting idioms might not be appreciated. You’ll just end up being misinterpreted, and no one wants that.

I’m not saying that my grammar is as superior as others, but in as much as there are people who are really good and better than I am, there are also those who aren’t. I just have to accept that even friends of the same crowd don’t own the same knack.

Point to ponder #2: Words are powerful. Right, so being sensitive to a person’s level of vocabulary is also very important. Some people look like they know what they’re saying but the awful truth is, they don’t. Some do, but on the cloudy other side, some do not. They just try to keep with the fa├žade to appear like a wordsmith and impress people. It’s a bit of a downer, but some of our friends are like that.

Point to ponder #3: Choosing the audience to communicate thoughts with is also a thing to be mulled over. In ourselves we are unique, and though different from one another, we share a whole lot in common with our friends. However, the love for philosophy and logic is not as pervasive a denominator. So the next time smarty-pants mode strikes in, pick the people who you want to smart talk and wit banter with. Because if it’s not being given that much thought, you’ll end up being misinterpreted or worse, misjudged.

For example, not all can tell the difference between “judging” and merely “saying what you’re seeing” or “stating the obvious”. Some mix them up while conversely, some get the entireties of each.

So you see a little caution will go a long way. We really don’t want to squabble with our friends over some small, lame reason, right? I/We just have to keep myself/ourselves in check. Avoidance will do the trick.