May 3, 2009

glamour? = whatever

This topic has been puzzling me for quite a long time now, and no matter how hard i dissect it, still I can't come up with as good an answer.

Some of my friends and I overindulge, and sometimes, I admit, we go so far as to touching the money we don’t have. It’s crazy, I know, but it is retail therapy. But in spite of this path to wreckage, divine intervention and our guardian angels immediately zap us back to reality. And that’s the good thing about it. For some intangible reason, our reason straightaway builds a great wall to set our parameters before we fall into wholly irreparable damage. It’s one of those strange, inexplicable things that always happens to me and my friends and thank God and His minions for that.

Unfortunately some go way, way beyond the therapy overindulging gives. What I mean to say is, some people live a lifestyle they cannot even afford. They are living beyond their means. I don’t know, but the obvious reason for that is to climb the social ladder --- what else is there? Okay, so the real reason apparently enough is to be one of the people who are born, married, grossed into elite-dom. I know some who are and it’s just woeful because no matter how hard reality would hit them, still they pursue this senseless climb.

Having been a witness to their ‘efforts’, I can’t fully grasp the lengths they go through just to be one of the socially recognized glitterati. Let alone the somewhat delusion of grandeur they nurse and nurture. The sight is really outlandish and zany, because it’s like watching a person grasp for air to breathe. Like ‘glamour’ and ‘prestige’ is their version of the physiologic needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

I know it’s none of our business, but some of my friends and I could not just resist to wonder what good social glamour and prestige would bring these people. Aside from the fame and being an ‘it’ item, there’s really not that much. It’s okay for the naturally rich, famous and royal, as it is part of who they are --- they were born into it. But for those who aren’t, isn’t it kind of weird and crazy?

If a tomato wants to be an apple and tries to become one, wouldn’t the tomato look ridiculous? And even if the tomato gives everything just to be an apple, it doesn’t make any difference --- the tomato is still a tomato and will always be one.

I am trying to understand why some people just are, but it’s only making my head throb. The cause of the throbbing is silly. I know, I should just stop and leave things as is. Because maybe, just maybe, people being glitterati wannabes are part of keeping the world at equilibrium, and the circle of life, well … a circle.