May 28, 2009

here comes the rain

i am in no mood to write and/or blog. but because i am leaving in a few days time, and leaving would mean writing and/or blogging leave, i want to post something that would somehow serve as the closing blog for the month of may.

although i have come up with a fairly, slightly lengthy yet not so meaty and interesting blog, the process of putting everything together was like having a tooth pulled, but i'm glad i did it. here goes.

rainy season is here, and i love it!

i'm not so much a summer-sun-sea-sand-surf fan. i am pathologically incapable of enduring too much sun exposure. whether you believe me or not, my skin gets burned with just a mere 10-15-minute continuous exposure to sunlight, even with sunscreen + sunblock. so anyway, enough with the peculiar skin problem. here are a few reasons why i love the rainy season.

a) i get an excuse to wear my boots in this tropical country
b) i get an excuse to read and read the entire day and drink cups after cups of warm milk and coffee --- yummy!
c) i get to whole in my crib without turning on the aircon, hence i conserve energy
d) i don't get the discomfort i usually experience during super mainit days, and
e) for some reason, the weather makes me feel comfy and cozy

but of course, in as much as i love the rain, it has also tidbits of downsides that can pester my, or anyone's day.

a) you get a hard time keeping your uniform or your outift pristine what with the puddles, splashes and spatters
b) there's a bit of a difficulty when you and your friends go out --- again, the puddles, splashes and spatters
c) because the weather induces sleep, all you want to do the entire day is curl in bed, thus there is a risk of triggering those "lazy" hormones, and
d) you get dirty feet when you wear flip flops or sandals. with all the puddles scattered, it's impossible to go about the entire day with your tootsies clean

but aside from those disadvantages, i can say that i can endure living and would love to live in forks, washington or in oregon. after all, as a kid, i was not one who would sing, "rain, rain, go away, come again another day..."

enjoy the rain everyone! it's not that bad *wink*